Anastasia Vitkina: Hot and Heavy with Jim Carrey!

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The mystery woman has been identified.

According to New York Post sources, the blonde on Jim Carrey's arm over the last few weeks is named Anastasia Vitkina. She's a Russian student in New York and insiders confirm she and the 49-year old actor are quite "hot and heavy" these days.

Jim Carrey and Anastasia Vitkina

Vitkina is reportedly the ex-girlfriend of one of Carrey's pals and the two were spotted at a Guns N’ Roses gig in Los Angeles this month. She's the first woman Carrey has seriously dated since he and Jenny McCarthy ended their five-year relationship.

We're just glad he's over his creepy crush on Emma Stone.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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Ok, now, i love Jim and have been a big fan since i was very little. But this is just gross. A 21 year old? Seriously? That's about the age his own daughter is! It shocks really does.


It seems Criss Angel went downhill since dating (engaged to) that kid Sandra. It makes you wonder what a MAN of 44 years old is doing with a GIRL of 21 years of age.


I care who Criss Angel is marrying. I think who you choice to hang with saids alot about who you are. Sandra is a 21 year old kid. Putting aside she looks like a 15 year old she is a 21 year old who is young enough to be his daughter. I used to have the highest respect for Criss and now I just see him as a fool. To me (and many others) he looks like a 44 year old man who thinks he is Peter Pan. The only ones who are for this silly marriage are the "loyals" and think about how old they are. (25 and younger). Maybe just maybe if Criss acted like an adult and spent his time in the company of a grown up woman he would be taken seriously.


I admit I am a 38 year old woman who had the major hots for Criss Angel. The image of him with this 21 year old girl killed it for me. I almost feel sad for him that he is more comfortable with a 21 year old then a mature adult. It so Creeps me out to see him with her.


I used to think Criss Angel was such a cool dude but even I as a man think he looks out of place with such a young girl. I don't understand why he can't find a woman over the age of 30. If he thinks this makes him look younger he is mistaken. It only makes him look like a loser.


Criss Angel and Sandra are a JOKE.


@ Jackie: i totally feel you on Criss Angel. Its my understanding he's been dating her off and on since 17. Definitely inappropriate, gross and i don't give it a year personally if they even go through with it. just isn't practical at the very least. As for Jim...the girl is 29, a fully grown adult whose had enough time to know who she is. she's got her work cut out for her that's for sure, age aside, it's crazy jim carrey!! personally i think if people are going to attempt these types of relationships they need to be realistic and reserve any commitment to people that are at least around 30yrs and up. i imagine a challenge like this would be great even between two mature people. unconventional relationships constantly test your resolve and i know this from experience.


She was a foreign exchange student at our high school! Her nick name was the nasty! Lol!


You guys are retarded. He was obviously joking about the Emma Stone thing. Have you seen any of his movies?!? Learn how to take a joke, a funny one at that.


I can't decide who's less attractive, this chick or Mel's ex Oksana:-)