Amber Portwood: JAILED For Probation Violations!

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Looks like Amber Portwood is back jail.

It's not entirely clear why at this time, but a judge issued a warrant for her arrest today, and it was executed. The Teen Mom star was apprehended and booked.

The arrest may be related to Amber's most recent alleged probation violations, including a fight she got into at a restaurant last month or a new one entirely.

Amber Portwood is currently being booked at Madison County Jail in her home state of Indiana, where she's now expected to spend the night ... and the holidays.

Amber Portwood Crying

She's due to face a judge on January 13 for violating probation. We're talking every single one of her probation terms. Think Lindsay Lohan style, but worse.

Amazingly, if she does spend Christmas behind bars, it will be the second consecutive year that's happened to Amber. Signs you may have some issues ...

UPDATE: Amber's brother Shawn tells E! News that his sister missed her most recent probation hearing and, as a result, authorities went to her house.

While there, they went through her purse and found some "old pills" that Amber said were from an earlier prescription ... which she couldn't produce proof of.

Therefore, she was jailed, release date TBA. Sheriff's deputies say it "will be up to the courts to decide" how long she stays there. Not looking good.


hehe, she DID do it to herself but I feel sad that her child has to grow up knowing that her parents are morons. I just hope she turns out okay. I wish girls would take some pride in themselves and not give in to having sexual relationships so young. I know, wishful thinking.


What a sad excuse for a mother and woman. Let's stop glamourizing this person and get her help!!! She's way too young to be living like this.


16 and pregnant ruined her life.... how sad. notttt. lmao bitch did it to herself.


Z-lister-No, YOU'RE the one who's stupid as fuck! We don't even know for sure if Lindsay really was driving that night, for all we know, that whole story was fabricated by the passengers and one of them was actually doing the driving.


Michael you are stupid as fuck. Try researching before acting like you know what you are talking about when posting in public forums. Drunk/high drivers kill people ALL the time - just because LiLo didn't happen to kill anyone this time doesn't make what she did any better. Her getting so many "passes" just reaffirms that she can do whatever she want. I just hope the only person she does hurt is herself. Also, Amber HAS had her daughter taken away - the little girl is in the custody of her equally useless father. I'm fairly certain Amber is only allowed supervised visits with her own child.


Lilo got a dui. Drunk people behind the del kill hundreds if not thousands a year u idiot


Good! I find it laughable that people obsess over Lindsay so much when she really hasn't done that much, her mistakes have really only hurt herself, and she's doing alot better know. But Amber is FAR worse, her numerous mistakes don't just affect her, they affect her child, how this horrible excuse for a mother hasn't had her kid taken away by child protective services is beyond me. Some people just should not be allowed to have kids, especially when they're barely any better at being a parent then Casey Anthony, I pray that Amber's child gets taken and put in a loving home and that Amber gets sent away for a LONG time, maybe that'll straighten her out, but I doubt it.

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