Amber Portwood: JAILED For Probation Violations!

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Looks like Amber Portwood is back jail.

It's not entirely clear why at this time, but a judge issued a warrant for her arrest today, and it was executed. The Teen Mom star was apprehended and booked.

The arrest may be related to Amber's most recent alleged probation violations, including a fight she got into at a restaurant last month or a new one entirely.

Amber Portwood is currently being booked at Madison County Jail in her home state of Indiana, where she's now expected to spend the night ... and the holidays.

Amber Portwood Crying

She's due to face a judge on January 13 for violating probation. We're talking every single one of her probation terms. Think Lindsay Lohan style, but worse.

Amazingly, if she does spend Christmas behind bars, it will be the second consecutive year that's happened to Amber. Signs you may have some issues ...

UPDATE: Amber's brother Shawn tells E! News that his sister missed her most recent probation hearing and, as a result, authorities went to her house.

While there, they went through her purse and found some "old pills" that Amber said were from an earlier prescription ... which she couldn't produce proof of.

Therefore, she was jailed, release date TBA. Sheriff's deputies say it "will be up to the courts to decide" how long she stays there. Not looking good.


I'm Glad That, she's In Jail, with all The Crap She's Been Doing. And that Leah Is With Her Dad, InStead Of Her Mother. Amber shouldn't Be Allowed Visitation Anymore. this Will Really Straighten her Out.




Why is T.V. "glorifying" these low life sluts? They should have their children taken away from they and "fixed" so they can ever reproduce. What trash! I hope the judge throws away the key on this worthless bitch.


You know,I could care less about a young teen mom going bad. yet here I am commenting on it. I dont watch the show. as It does not teach anything, other than, ooh I can get prego and be a teen mom and be on TV and make lots of money and be famous. they should have a show on teen moms making it, working, going to school and taking very good care of their kids. I know a few of them and I am sure their are lots. that are being responsible and growing up faster than they should. Its not a good thing to be a young teen mom, but seeing some of them make it is better than hearing of fights and jail time and all their stupidity.


I don't even know why they have reality show about girls getting pregnant at 16. It's not something to be proud of. There is no rhyme or reason to end up pregnant when you can get birth control pills.
What's going to happen when they're no longer needed on the show?
They don't have the education to get a job & who do you think will be supporting them? We all are through our tax.


Check out this bag of snacks. Pay no attention and she is just the whitest of whitetrash. Anyone can be be a baby momma or baby daddy. She'll probably drop more kids so she can be followed like that nut with 8 kids.


To the one saying this is "learned behavior"...there comes a time in all our lives when we have to pull up our own big girl panties and be responsible...period! My question is how many minutes will she spend in jail? Lohan and Paris, could count them on two hands.


These are learned behaviors coming from these girls. If you want to blame anyone, blame their parents. These girls dont know any better and instead of people talking trash about them, you should try having some compassion. A little bit goes a long way. Her mistakes do not justify being locked up in jail a really long time like some of you are suggesting. No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes and Amber is clearly a girl who needs a lot of help. People in glass houses really shouldnt throw stones. Every sinner has a future and every saint has a past.


That is all I can say to this woman besides: Honey, your actions catch up to you. Keep that in mind.


As long as this makes NEWS these people will always break the rules and continue ending up in jail sad but true.

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