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alec you are a rude selfish pig and i am getting on this plane and heading to new york to straighten out your ass!


Diva celebrity with a diva attitude who thinks he is above reproach. What a real jackhole. Mr Baldwin you have to follow the same rules that the rest of us do...it isn't a punishment, it is a safety hazard.....DON'T YOU THINK IT IS TIME TO FINALLY GROW UP?????


big baby!


Why does this guy think he's so special??? I got news flash for this nut case...your rude, nasty, and honestly not very smart. No wonder Kim left your butt. Poor woman...I have no idea how she put up with you for the years that she did. And also I feel sorry for your kid...what an embarrassment!!! This guy really needs to have his head examined because people in there right mind do not act like this. Alec really needs to get over himself...most of Americans have!


C'mon, Alec...Follow the rules, for Pete's sake. You are, after all, flesh, bone and blood like the rest of us. These rules are made for a reason!

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