Alec Baldwin Apologizes For Airline Meltdown

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Occasionally volatile actor Alec Baldwin has issued an apology for the crazy incident that saw him get kicked off an American Airlines flight on Tuesday.

Baldwin became irate after his game of Words With Friends was interrupted with the flight from JFK to LAX still at the gate, but the cabin doors closed.

When he was asked to turn off his phone, Baldwin retreated to the bathroom and allegedly slammed the door, leading the pilot to call for his removal.

Today, he's feeling bad about all this. He writes:

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"First off, I would like to apologize to the other passengers onboard the American Airlines flight that I was thrown off of yesterday. It was never my intention to inconvenience anyone with my 'issue' with a certain flight attendant."

"I suppose a part of my frustration lay with the fact that I had flown American for over 20 years and was brand loyal, in the extreme."

"The ticket agents and Admiral's Club staff have always been nothing but abundantly helpful, as I have flown hundreds of thousands of miles with the one carrier."

"My confusion began when the flight, already a half hour behind schedule, boarded, the door closed, and we proceeded to sit at the gate for another 15 minutes."

"I then did what I have nearly always done and that was to pull out my phone to complete any other messaging I had to do before take off."

"In nearly all other instances, the flight attendants seemed to be unbothered by and said nothing about such activity, by me or anyone else, until we actually were pulling away from the gate."

"In this case, while other people were still manipulating their own phones, this one employee singled me out to put my phone away. Afterward, we still sat at the gate. I pulled out my phone again, while others did the same."

"Again, I was singled out by this woman in the most unpleasant of tones. I guess the fact that this woman, who had decided to make some example of me, while everyone else was left undisturbed, did get the better of me."

"However, I have learned a valuable lesson."

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Kellie m

This was an apology??? WTFever!!!! Go have a drink and play Words with Friends Alec because it is obvious that you have no clue what accountability is.


he can't even take FULL responsibility for HIS action! He was wrong it doesn't matter who else was doing what! like alex blaming his ex for calling his daughter a pig - when ALEX did it! no one made him! we expect more from first graders!


True colors.


Abc, If you can't relate to getting frustrated, very inconvenienced, dealing with inconsistent policies, and then losing your temper in an embarrassing manner while flying in the U.S. lately, then you just don't fly at all!! (i.e. you're lucky) GO ALEC BALDWIN!! LOVE that funny man!!! :)


I think he's hilarious and real. Flying these days is just dehumanizing and so irritating these days. His Aries temper just flares off, while the rest of us barely contain it. If the TSA is not poking your privates for "security" or confiscating you hair gel, you're stuck delayed in the airport, treated like baggage or they're stuffing you in cramped quarters with cruddy "snacks." I recently got yelled at by a police officer at an airport for the extreme travesty of using a wheelchair to scoot my heavy bag when the strap broke. I was on the last flight for the night and no one needed the chair, one of many. It's bad enough with the delays re-routing and general nonsense. You go, ALEC! LOVE his sincerity (& silly temper)!!!


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Why do I have to turn off my phone? Sally's not turning her phone off??? (spoken w/ the whine of a petulant 7 yr old). He hasn't learned any lessons, this is first grade stuff after all. He just sobered up and realized there was no defense for his abhorant behavior. Loud mouthed, self entitled booze bag.


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