The Real Reason Kate Middleton Refused Peanuts ...

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Does passing on peanuts really mean Kate Middleton is pregnant?

The pregnancy rumor mill began turning hard last week when the 29-year-old Duchess declined to sample peanut paste during a UNICEF visit to Denmark.

Although Kate Middleton is not allergic to peanuts, pregnant women are often advised to avoid peanut products to prevent allergies in their babies-to-be. So ...

Naturally, coupled with the belly touching seen below, this sparked major royal baby speculation. But a royal insider says (shockingly) it may not be the case.

Kate Middleton, Belly
Kate With William

"She's not comfortable eating in front of cameras," the insider said. "What if she didn't like it and made a face? That expression would then be on every newspaper."

What a fair, valid and seemingly obvious explanation. No fun!

A spokesman for the couple says that the policy is "to never confirm or deny [pregnancy] rumors," but a palace insider insists: "If and when there is an announcement to make, officially, it will be made by the palace as soon as it's safe to."

Long story short ... don't hold your breath for it anytime soon.


Kate has been seen eating in public, so I'm not sure if that's the actual reason.


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Let me guess your "source"is Us Weekly... LOL... What kind of excuse is "not comfortable eating in front of the camera." When they went Canada and visited Prince Edward Island Catherine was captured on camera eating lobster.


If Kate isn't pregnant than that's definitely PMS, she doesn't want to bloat or get peanut butter stuck in her mouth. I know a stomach cramp when I see one. Because of Kate, I don't eat peanuts anymore, thanks Kate!


bc peanuts will make her fat.....duh.


Kates a simple, dignified and classy woman. She doesnt follow trends and just is herself. Her marriage responsibilities are tough, but she just tries the best she can and always is so sweet. William is really lucky. They make a good match. We need more woman as her.


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