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Life in solitary
That's her due in jail or out
life in solitary


Where is all this money coming from to pay for this moron's legal woes. She hasn't done anything noteworthy in years and then it wasn't all that. Clearly she's not in the category of the likes of Ron Howard or Will Smith, who were young when they started and went on to become positive role models in the industry. Now she's posing for playboy, are you kidding me? They'll airbrush the hell out of her to make her look half way decent. Lindsay needs to get away from her family and friends for atleast a year and work on herself, without her worthless parents feeding off of her. Lindsay knows the jail system and it has allowed her to make a mockery of the judicial system. She will pay in the end, but painfully so.


Good gawd, and HERE is yet ANOTHER, FUCKED UP BITCH, who is ALL FUCKED UP in the HEAD.

LOCK her up PERMANTLY, and throw the key away.

Kind of makes you wonder, WHAT kind of FUCKED UP things go throgh SOME, I said SOME, of these FUCKED UP BITCHES minds.



Oh goodie more news on the trailer trash!!! Tough to be hard up printing this crap....instead on real news that people actually care about~~~


She is so messed up.


This is one of the first cases where an A list film star dismantled her own career with destructive behavior. (Starting 5 Years back). Usually it's the opposite when their career is on the downward spiral that one turns to dope and destruction. A very troubled girl and the justice system is doing her no favors. Send her to prison like Robert downey Jr. Then she will get a real taste of jail. Not this Pooh butt revolving door nonsense. It may ultimately save her life.


She should have to serve her time, but I rather have a more violent offender behind bars, then on the street. She should be put on strict house arrest and not allowed to do her playboy photoshoot until after her time is served. She should get the maximum amount of probation that can be given for being a repeat offender.


Let'er'go She will destroy herself on drugs or getting aids. Right now she is only hurting herself


If it was me that was on trial for all that she has done, id be in jail for years probably. goes to show if youre a celebrity and you got money you can do anything and get by with it. pretty sad.


LET SOMEBODY ELSE OUT, so that Lohan can DO HER TIME!!!!~~~~~Don't let her out AGAIN. Double Standard JUSTICE SYSTEM.

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