What a Joke: Lindsay Lohan May Get Sprung From Jail Immediately Upon Surrendering

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Looks Lindsay Lohan's 30-day jail sentence is pretty much meaningless and she'll be out of the slammer almost immediately after reporting, sources say.

According to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department, if someone receives a misdemeanor sentence of 90 days or less, they are routinely processed and then released. 

As one official, "She'll be out without even having to change her clothes."

How is that even possible for a repeat offender like this train wreck?!

No Effing Way

Here's the deal. Judge Stephanie Sautner sentenced Lohan to serve 30 days in jail, adding that the only way to shave time off the sentence is if it's required by law.

Misdemeanor inmates often serve less than their actual sentence due to overcrowding, but it's become SO bad, those sentenced to less than 90 days are out on the spot.

There's a federal court order on overcrowding that "trumps everything," and that order has been interpreted to immediately release people with short jail sentences.

She's in trouble for violating probation for a previous, non-violent misdemeanor crime, so Lohan qualifies as someone who will be out on the street ASAP. Ridic.

According to TMZ, Lindsay will get in and out of jail pronto next week ... after she's done shooting her Playboy spread and finds the time to report for booking.

Justice is served.


Fire lindsay lohan, don't give her anymore work.




correction p .. lindsay!


lindsey i love you .. keep your chin up


Who cares anyway? There are a lot worse criminals out there raping, robbing, and killing people. Who gives a damn what this woman gets away with, let it go America!!!


The Lady is just too screwed up for a Judge!


All I have to say is let her rot....she knows she is gonna get away with any thing she does...so why take the time of the courts or tax payers money....she is a has been any ways...sick of the attention she gets...


I Swear To God...I don't know who are the BIGGER IDIOTS...judges (who act like SPINELESS MORONS), ALL of the jail systems in America (which I believe is being run by bozos, idiots and other jackasses) or perhaps BOTH!!!!! I think that the ENTIRE Lohan Family should be sentenced to some serious and HARD-ASS jail time just for being a dysfunctional and messed-up family!!!!! Furthermore, A LOT of these judges need to be disbarred and ALL of the justice systems in America each need a MAJOR OVERHAUL!!!!! IMMEDIATELY!!!!! The Bottom Line for me: the judicial idiocy, incompentence and (most of all!!!!!) stupidity in our country continues..........


I Am SO SICK OF THIS BEING A HEADLINE.. can you tell by the large caps??? If she wouldve been in better standings, not only would she have been given diamonds to wear, but the jewelry store would've been falling all over themselves to correct the problem. She left some jewelry there and the store wasn't charged...what's up with that?! The judge should be ashamed of themselves also..why? Because there are actual REAL bad people out there doing really terrible things, and I think she/he has truly put everything into making Lindsay Lohan an example..what a waste of the general public's taxes and time. Time to move on to more important things for real!!!


Jesus H, your a nice guy..reminds be of the real Jesus...Jesus C.!!


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