Weekend Movie Reviews: The Immortals & More

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It's shaping up to be a busy weekend at the box office and our partners at Movie Fanatic have reviewed all the new offerings in advance of their Friday openings.

Let's get right to it, shall we?

The Immortals: Director Tarsem Singh's latest film, shot in spectacular 3D, presents a unique take on Greek mythology amidst a sweeping Renaissance landscape.

Theseus (Henry Cavill) is a poor man with stellar warrior skills thanks to intense training by a mysterious older villager. Mickey Rourke is King Hyperion, a vengeful ruler bent on not only all the land, but bringing down the Gods themselves.

The visual effects and cinematography are stunning. Check out the trailer for the film below, then read The Immortals review at Movie Fanatic for more insight.

J. Edgar: Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar is slow at times in typical Eastwood fashion, but with Leonardo DiCaprio as the title character, still ends up being a solid film.

Encompassing decades of this icon’s life, DiCaprio meets the challenge of a broad project and deserves an Oscar nomination for Best Actor as J. Edgar Hoover.

Read more about it in Movie Fanatic's J. Edgar review.

Jack and Jill: Adam Sandler movies hold a special place in many an audience member’s heart. Jack and Jill should land right in the wheelhouse of fan expectations.

It's a story of fraternal twins ... both played by Sandler. We don't really need to explain further, but follow the link now for Movie Fanatic's Jack and Jill review!

Which of these films do you think you might check out?


I remember my first beer.


The Immortals is a highly ambitious film project that the talented mr Tarsem Singh pretty much successfully laughed and heaved into orbit. The big screen for me is a very special place, holy in muy mind, high platform for appreciating very cherished moments of cultural insight. There was a lot that I liked in the film, the action scenes, the settings, the well done costumes. The onscreen, wanton murder by King Huyperion was a major turn-off.Granted I love brother Mick for being able to get more work; this character was totally distasteful. My spotlight goes to Veteran actor, John Hurt, as Zeus in disguise, the young man playing Zeus the god and pretty sister Freids Pinto, in my opinion the most beautiful woman An entertaining film, too much senseless murderm great sets. Well done Thanks Gossip for another opportunity to share
Take care all

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