Wanderlust Trailer: Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd Live on a Commune

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With her turn in Horrible Bosses earlier this year, Jennifer Aniston likely made a lot of people reevaluate the American sweetheart/mediocre romantic comedy persona she's cultivated (or been burdened by) over the years.

Wanderlust further helps her break that mold in hilarious fashion.

Jen and Paul Rudd play a couple who exit the city and take refuge in the country within a community that is ... shall we say, socially liberal. Watch the trailer:

Their new community/commune home is filled with people who embrace a free-spirited mentality when it comes to jobs, relationships, clothes ... you name it.

Produced by Judd Apatow, Wanderlust is also notable as the film where Jen met Justin Theroux, who co-stars in the film and is now her live-in boyfriend.

It comes out February 24.


Very ordinary house, and it doesn't look like it's in Beverly Hills. It looks like just antehor home in the Valley- South of the Boulevard. It must just have a Beverly Hills zip code, way to plain, just like Jen.


Paige, what is your problem? Haven't you dated anyone ever? Married the first man you met? Is three boyfriend in 5 years too much, five a scandal for a free single woman? Please let us (and Jennifer) know the exact number and other rules you set us. Let us know how often we must change our hair too even if we liked our present style..


Paige - in 7 years! Jen actually dated and had the norm of relationship like a regular person! When Jen's marriage ended she was still in love with her husband! Maybe you should be talking about George, Gerard, Sandra, Renee, and many other stars and people you know! or brad, jolie look at their records....... and jolie herself has said they have an open relationship - so how many people have they been with? we don't know! and i don't care! strange how lightly we don't mind calling a person an unkind name without looking at the big picture just because we like another star. sad. move on!


Jen is one classy lady! Awesome! The movie looks fun! Justin is so hot! Jen and Paul look like they could be a real couple - great chemistry! I love Jen and Justin! Justjen! I will be there to see Wanderlust on day ONE!


I dont see this relationship lasting. She's a whore after brad dumped her she just went from man to man. Vince,paul,john am i missing anyone? Try a new hair style and a movie role jen.

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