THG Presents: The 10 Biggest Turkeys of 2011!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all from The Hollywood Gossip!

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    @KayKay- Even a Head in the sand person should see- What I'm saying all Racism is BAD! What I want to know is why we did not See the Knoxville 2007 & Wisconsin State Fair on the Networks! If it had been "Flipped" it would have been! Obama is a Far Left Liberal & as the Networks are also! Why are we not hearing about these things happening? RACISM is the answer!


    Reed man, do you actually think Obama can controll what the media decides to cover. Are u living under a rock. Get real. Blame him for the Exxon Valdez oil spill, Hurrican Katrina and every other catastrophe while you're at it. Goodness. Get a grip. Your hatred of African-Americans is about to spill out of your bedroom window and expose the coward that you are.


    I bet you didn't say anything about the KKK when they were hanging Blacks all over the south. You must be one of them. You also must be racist for pointing out this black and white s---!!


    OBAMA is nothing but a Racist! Started quickly to show his Face with that Professor from Boston that got arrested! Within days Obama was blaming Police with Brutality even before investigation had Started! That- showed whites who he was! In 2008- when the Knoxville White Couple were Slaughter Raped as they were Car Jacked by 4 Blacks- where was the President then? Why no National News?

    Race Relations better? You would be a fool to believe this! If you have Doubts- You Tube the Wisconsin State Fair Riot! They Called it Whitey Night! Obama nor Liberal News Stations didn't speak of this! Electing OBAMA was a Terrible Liberal Mistake and you can bet when he gets Voted out it Will be "Rodney King Riots all over again! What a foolish mistake to vote him in! He is so Desperate he has Country Music at the White House and whoever sent the 1st Lady to a NASCAR Race should be Drug Tested! What a Joke!


    Where is Kendra? Palin?


    Dayna, I couldn't have said it better!


    great list i totally agree all of them suck and lets hope we have less of these people next year and kim and family are a list all unto themselves.


    Why is Casey Anthony not on the list?!?


    Kim Kardashian didn't even make the list? Come on, THG! She's the biggest turkey of them all (if turkeys had large asses, millions of dollars for doing nothing and had 72 day publicity stunt marriages). She even has the personality of a turkey (none at all)... Happy Thanksgiving!


    @mag: Come on. We can't even make the top 10 for that?!?

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