THG Asks: Was Kris Humphries in on the Kim Kardashian Divorce Drama?

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Today, in the aftermath of the Kourtney and Kim Take New York season premiere , THG Asks this crucial question:

Was Kris Humphries in on the divorce drama?

YES by Hilton Hater

It's konceivable that Kris Humphries was klueless about Kim Kardashian when they first started dating.

Granted, she had gone out with numerous professional athletes before. And, yes, her sex tape has likely been viewed by more people than attend New Jersey Nets home games.

I could maybe buy that Humphries was so focused on improving his post-up game that he hadn't signed online in two years, even if her family sold out long before LeBron James.

Still... you want me to believe that this basketball player - who was aware his league was headed for a lockout and he'd be missing multiple paychecks in the near future - didn't comprehend what he was getting into after a first date swarmed by paparazzi?!?

Or when his proposal was filmed by E! cameras?

Or when his wedding was turned into a four-hour TV special?

I'm sorry, but I can't imagine Kris really thought Kim would simply move to Minnesota, pop out a few babies and the couple would live happily ever after, tabloid-free.

As the old adage goes: It takes two to tango down the aisle, feign affection, pocket millions, get divorced 72 days later, cry a river in public and laugh all the way to the bank.

NO by Free Britney

With all due respect to my Kardashian expert kounterpart, Kris Humphries looked absolutely mortified last night, and I doubt he's that good of an actor.

In my view, the big oaf was likely seduced by Kim's voluptuousness and lavish lifestyle and didn't realize what he was getting into until it was too late.

I put nothing past Kim or her "momager" Kris Jenner. Those people have fewer scruples than I have patience for people who use the term "momager."

I hate myself right now, but not as much as Kris (H.) was hating life when he walked in on a naked dude teaching Kourt yoga (and E! writers high-fived).

The man got played. Plain and simple. Humphries was needed to give Kim a fairytale wedding, then hit the bricks ASAP, as her brand is more valuable when she's single.

Everything about Kris, from his mannerisms last night, to his actions after getting dumped, to his assertion that Kim will be irrelevant one day, indicates he had no clue.

How could he fall for it? Kim is probably a nice girl in private, but that's the thing. There is no private when your career is a never-ending reality show and a 24/7 shill.

Naively, he assumed he'd settle into a blissful relatively quiet post-wedding life. Instead, he got an apartment with Scott Disick. No one willingly agrees to that.

THG Asks you ... was Kris in on all this?


I couldn't stand Kris Humphries from the start. A neanderthal. A big, lumbering oaf. I just could not figure out what Kim saw in him. He was certainly no Prince Charming, by a long shot. The "marriage" needs to be ended quickly and let some time pass with no relationship issues and people will let her put this behind her and move on. Keep your chin up, Kim.


I seriously would rather watch Lady Gaga then watch the Kardashians cause I'm guessing there are some crazy ish that goes on in her house.


Kimmy was sooo desperate to get married , she sort out the one duh to do it with , She loved Kris because he loved to hog the spotlight like herself , then when things got out of hand and she couldn't control his mouth or attitude , Kim dumps him !! Oh well kim I guess he was good for a little while and during the wedding rehersal you can see the look of disgust on Kim's face , like her Mom was probably pushing her the whole time to do this shit with this guy she couldn't care less about !! If she was a smart woman she should have lived with him first marry later , she is a pretty girl but a very stupid one when it comes to men and her sister Kourtney is the same with Scott , pretty girls stupid choices !!!


On E last night....they showed these women with Kim & Kourtney in a
Yoga class. Kris Humphries was so shocked & couldn't hardly stand
on his feet from laughing at the Yoga instructor. That's because
the class are only women....& the instructor is a naked (totally)
man. Either this guy is full of himself or hoping to sleep with
one of those ladies. I don't know what to make of it but gross!
If I were in that yoga class I would be sick & vomit.


thats real, when there are millions of retards to WATCH IT.


It is sad when people watch this trash for entertainment. What's next? These people make money from you from their show's ratings and will demand pay checks accordingly. Stop watching. Trust me u won't miss it.MB


Out of all the kardashians my faves are Khloe and Rob. All the Jenners are ok. The rest of the kardashians are just ehh to me. Kris is the most annoying kardashian. She's a damn money whore. Someone has to agree with me on that?!


I agree with @Leo that Kim was desperate to marry anyone at the point that she did. I believe she just really, really wanted a wedding. I also believe Kris, a simple-minded athlete (sorry), was easy prey for her. She's pretty seductive... It seems hard to believe in retrospect that Kris didn't see any of this coming, but I really don't think he did. At the same time, I don't feel too sorry for him. I'm sure he'll find ways to profit from the situation.


You morons just don't get it...once you go BLACK, you don't go back. Baby girl needs her some cocoa again. Loser racists pigs.


Kris you deserved better! You are the ONE who should have filed for divorce..even get an annulment cause you wife is not real! After first episode, no matter how bad they want to make him look, he is still depicted as a real man... one who makes jokes and wants time alone with his woman! A man who will not put up with naked men in the house, or spoiled brats! he is the real one, no a TV wanna be!
Unfortunately we are hooked with the soapopera of the Kardashians. We will still watch their shows cause lets face it, they know how to ridicule themselves and that is indeed so entertaining. The thing that has changed is that many people (me included) don't ever want to be even clause to resemble the Kardashians... hold on! I do think Khloe is the less superficial and her ways of prioritising her husband denotes brains and heart, something KIM does not have.

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