The X Factor Results: Who Cried? Who Went Home?

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The Stereo Hoggz survived one appearance in the bottom two on The X Factor last week, successfully singing for their lives and avoiding elimination.

But the second time was not the charm for this talented quintet: earlier tonight, they became the second consecutive group to get the boot.

The Stereo Hogzz

The elimination of another one of her charges was too much for Paula Abdul to take. After L.A. Reid and Nicole Scherzinger cast votes to send the Hoggz packing, Paula teared up and refused to participate.

"I can't do this," the emotional judge said, until being informed she had to do this or else the Hoggz would definitely go home.

Abdul then selected Lakoda Rayne, in order to avoid being the deciding voice, leaving Simon Cowell to reject the Hoggz and leaving the show with its top 10.

What do you think? Did the right group go home?


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if your demeaning or mean for ratings, shame on you....... anyone can be popular in hell........... but win the people's respect by positive comments and you win their hearts to be popular with God's heart in heaven......... open rebuke is better than private shame the bible says.......... have nothing to do with the deeds of the dark but rather expose them....... that includes wrong motives and intents..... for the singers you tore down on the show with your foul comments, repent for this is what the bible says in their defense : NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST US SHALL PROSPER AND EVERY TONGUE THAT RISES AGAINST US IN JUDGEMENT THE LORD JESUS WILL CONDEMN FOR THIS IS THE HERITAGE OF THE SERVANTS OF THE LORD AND THEIR RIGHTEOUSNESS IS OF ME SAYETH THE LORD GOD JEHOVAH.


holy rebukes from God the father convict the heart to change to be better people. dont let your conscience be sheared. do a righteous act of repentance and give honor where honor is due and win the people's respect back. though we already forgive, make it right in how you represent the singers as judges cuz you misrepresent them and God when you make foul comments.... stay close to the convictions in your heart to do and say right........


are you finished with the foul comments??!!!!!!!! dont you want the people's respect? be more positive to the singers!


lakoda rayne was great! leave them alone simon. melanie may want to go solo without a your mentorship. she deserves better. we forgive you. do better next week in your attitudes toward the singer


Great job to all the xfactor contestants tonight. melanie, you did awesome! lakoda rayne, terrific! stacy, keep shining! leroy, perfect! and the rest, great job. God gives honor where honor is due.


where is the fairness and the integriy insead of favoritsm and biased attitudes!


funny how its rock week yet the little rapper wasnt seeking but rapping and had no rock sound nor feel to it at all despite the music. funny how you lift that up but tear down the three true worshippers on there but uplift the one singing very carnal for the world. now the little brother is cool and not his fault for your comments, but you see the point........ uplifting carnality, and tearing down the true spiritual ones........


and paula, you disappointed me tonight, your better than that. you shouldnt have agreed with condemnation about leroy. where is the conviction in your heart to God . is it stronger than going with the flow of the other judge you sit by?things that make you go hmmmmm..........


we are to correct rebuke and exhort in love, rightly dividing the word of God to be instant in season and out of season ready to give an account of the hope to which we were called.
when you tear someone down in a negative light especially when they are genuine and didnt deserve it, you also do it to God. your comments hurt people and you are to build up and encourage and lift up even if you disagree. not to tear down divide nor discourage. go home, ask your self before God, o judges, and be honest with yourself and God, are you really being that positive vessel to help them to their destiny or are you discouraging to sway the people against them to stop them from getting to their destiny thus oppressing them. make your comments more positive even if you disagree. we forgive you, but repent and make it right with those you err against.


I don't think the groups being sent home is a reflection on Paula. I feel she is doing a great job with the groups but I think the era of the boy or girl band is over. No one wants another Backstreet Boys. Anyone of the judges that had to take on the groups would have failed.