The X Factor Double Elimination: Who Went Home?

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The X Factor tried to shake things up this week by sending TWO contestants home - but the only real surprise was that the show featured Howie Mandel in the audience. Isn't he a NBC guy?

Indeed, the two performances given the boot were the most obvious selections of the remaining nine, one a group, the other an over-30 hopeful. So long, Lakoda Rayne and LeRoy Bell. You had a decent run.

LeRoy Bell on Stage

Rayne was sent packing early on in the broadcast - which also featured performances by Kelly Clarkson and Bruno Mars - as that group received the lowest number of votes following last night's performance show. Paula Abdul now has no more proteges remaining.

Bell, meanwhile, was in the bottom two alongside Marcus Canty. The judges tried to instill some tension in the second elimination, deadlocking their votes and leaving the singers' fate up to the audience. Steve Jones promptly read Bell's name off a card and the elder crooner took his ousting like a man.

You tell us: Did the right contestants get sent home?


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i think its sad that they sent drew home when marcus has been in the bottom twice already theres a reason hes been there twice and the two female judges completly changed the way i look at them and the show they could learn a thing or two from simon simon i agree with you im pissed


PPl that rap are talented.Why don't anyone of you try to rap and see how hard it is?Kinda funny only white people think rapping is not talent lol.But there are alot of great rappers in the world that are huge.What about rock metal that's nothing but yelling and screaming and that anyone can do!!
Also Leroy Bell can't sing for crap lol.But he does rap has well so is he a bad guy?NO right?Is it becuz his white?Really open your eyes and listen and stop hating.
Having anger towards everyone reaching success.


i love melanie and drew..they are the one to win the $5M....(phils.)


Judges way tooooo biased on their picks.. Do you hear panel?


@marina yes crow made it. I had tears in my eyes. She is soo talented.


i sure hope crow made it she is great and awsome. that little girl is amazing.


astro needs to go home. all he knows is rap. he should be able to sing other songs just like the rest. plus he is a very disrepectful little man . i think he needs to go home. im not saying he doesnt rap good , because he does. but its not far to the rest, you should be able to sing all kinds.


did crow make it i am a big fan of crow that little girl is so awsome,.? i need to know if she made it?


Astro is a disrespectful little s---, he can only sing "Rap" that's not singing.


@ #1 selena fan. Girl I can tell that your taste of music sucks!! So try to get a new playlist. Okay!!