The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Dr. Paul's Beauty Shop of Horrors

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ventured into a day of beauty and a night filled with spirits on this week's episode. Which of these women is afraid of ghosts?

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    texas girl
    I stoppped reading after the 3rd line.


    you people should get your facts right about Kim Richards: Richards married G. Monty Brinson, with whom she had a daughter, Brooke. In 1991, she was engaged to commodities salesman John J. Collett. Collett was murdered over a business deal gone awry. Richards then married Gregory Davis, son of billionaire Marvin Davis, with whom she had two children, Whitney and Chad. She also has a daughter, Kimberly, from a previous relationship. Now y'all can stop saying that Kyle's husband was with Kim first!


    To Give Me A Break: To each her own but Leo's comment was very nice to us Moms a "thank you" never hurts and always feels good. I'm not sure why people have to make everything and argument and have the need to put others down. Sorry you are so negative, hope today goes better for you.
    To Judy: Come to Pittsburgh and I'll show you around because you have obviously never been here before. Same as I said to the other woman, Sorry you are so negative, hope today goes better for you.


    Has anyone noticed how in the show kim said to kyle that she stole her house and than they tried to play it off like they were talking about a actual house. Kyle's recent husband was kims husband first and kyle slept with him while kim was dating him. that itself shows you how many problems derive from those sisters. anyways love this show. You got catch all the little white lies and see who you really like. but the new episode was pretty good besides the bot-ox party kims lip swelled up and i thought that it was def going to bad. and i cant wait for next week to watch the next episode.


    @Leo, I agree with everything you said. I am a wfe, mother and grandmother. My highest salary paid job has been from being all of the above, because my salary is unconditional and eternal love. I wouldn't mind having a tenth of the money Adrienne or Lisa's friend has. I doubt that I would throw it away on spa equipment to keep in my home. Nor would I have parties with giant snakes and camels to greet my guess with. In my opinion Lisa, Kim, and Kyle should use some of their money to remove those wrinkles from around their eyes, lips, and neck. The designer clothes and expensive jewelry looks better on racks than on those wrinkles that make them look twice their age!!!


    I dont think Bravo will be going to Pittsburgh anytime soon or neither will I (BORING !!!! )


    Oh please !! This show is only for guilty pleasure only !! I don't think I would want to see real housewives in their mom jeans and mini vans picking up their snot nose kids from hockey leagues and gym class ..Would that really make a show , NO !!!!!! After a long day working, cooking , cleaning doing homework I take my glass of wine and thank god I'm not in their shoes , but it is fun to watch !! If you don't like it , don't watch it !!!


    Wow, thank you Leo. As a real housewife/mother/full-time worker, I appreciate your comment and it made me smile. I'm also thankful that my husband shares your opinion and tells me all the time what a wonderful job I am doing. Bravo is more than welcome to come film my small little life in Pittsburgh if they want to see what real women go through everyday.


    I think last nights episode was full of great info. Loved Paul's night of beauty. I also thought it was wonderful for him to have that talk with Kim. No one else had the balls to do so, even her sister, who weeps cause Kim is getting on with her own life. You know sometimes it may feel good to have your sister feel inferior to you, to make yourself feel better. Their relationship is competitive and I think it goes back to their acting days as kids. After all Kim was the bigger star. The seance was fun and entertaining. Great Episode!


    Kim may be coming to a new place in her life. Obviously she did not want to attend Kyle's gathering. I would never attend something so creepy. Maybe she is beginning to live her own life with her own beliefs? I do like Kyle though and think she truly loves her sister.

    Dr. Paul's night of beauty? Wow, it just makes me feel even stronger about the fact that I've always felt he was a sincere man who seems kind and caring. Who wouldn't appreciate that invitation? I'd be elated just to have one shot of collagen, lol, but it's not going to happen!

    Taylor? I feel so bad for her. She had a very emotional time on the trip to Camille's and I was very dissapointed that several women seem to only care about how her upset was innapropriately timed??? I was shocked when one of the women kept telling her "you're having a nervous breakdown" but seemed clueless about how to actually comfort her and instead just kind of looked on?

    Friends? Not so sure about that yet.

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