The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Kennedy's Birthday Party Blues

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What do you do when you've had a falling out with your friends and your marriage is crumbling around you? Throw an over the top birthday party for your five year old, of course. At least that's how The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cope. 

"The Great Divide" stretched from the disastrous Tea Party to a fifth birthday extravaganza and threw some expensive wedding planning in for good measure.

THG breaks it all down in our +/- recap below!

Camille Drops Knowledge

After Taylor insists the ladies be honest, Camille Grammer spews a little too much honesty for her comfort level. Camille drags the black and blue elephant into the light and talks about Russell abusing Taylor. 

Taylor is shocked and furious. Minus 5. Honey, you wanted honesty and you can't expect people to keep quiet forever. But what's Taylor's way of coping? She suddenly clings to Lisa.

Whining like a pathetic school girl, Taylor says Lisa makes her feel like she's in junior high clamoring for the popular girl's attention. Minus 8. I beg you Taylor, grow up.

Then suddenly all is forgiven. Taylor started off this party by trashing Lisa and now they're hugging and teary eyed. Everything's resolved and Taylor's smiling. Minus 7. I'm with Kyle on this one. Huh? What the hell just happened here?

After the party, Lisa's helping Pandora plan her wedding. Pandora's almost begging Lisa to come to Vegas for her bachelorette party. Seriously? What girl wants her mother at her bachelorette party? Minus 6 because that's just weird.

Plus 10 to Lisa who has the good sense to avoid going off to party with the 25-year-olds. Although seeing Lisa shoving bills in some guy's g-string at Chippendales might be funny enough to make it all worth it.

Taylor Armstrong and Dana Wilkey

But there's been a major faux pas and I don't think Lisa even realizes it Adrienne's ticked. Pandora's engagement party is being held at Planet Hollywood. It's the competition to the property Adrienne's family owns. Adrienne is seething at the perceived oversight.

Truth be told, the party is being given by a family friend involved with Planet Hollywood. I don't think there's been any real snub here. Hopefully the ladies figure that out before too much damage is done.

Has anyone else had enough of wedding planner Kevin Lee? Minus 15 for subjecting me to this guy again. I will admit that the $150-a-piece Pandora's box themed invitation was unique but if Lisa doesn't want this wedding to get completely out of control she needs to put her foot down or this guy will spend every penny she's got and then some.

But on to the big party. Kennedy's fifth birthday party has about 200 guests and takes place at a ranch. Taylor says she wants Kennedy to experience more nature. Plus 5 just for laughs. Are there a lot of bounce houses, mechanical bulls, and stages out in nature? 

Brandi joins the group this week and attempts to make conversation with Kim, who just stares at her as though she's grown two heads. Kim's not about to budge on her hatred of Brandi. Well, she did accuse her of being a meth head.  That can be hard to get over. Then Brandi goes and whines to Kyle about it. Minus 6. Brandi's just going to have to let this one go.

Taylor and Russell throw on happy faces for the camera. Taylor even says she wants to try and save her marriage. Honestly they both seem more interested in making sure the party looks perfect for their audience. Minus 8 because Kennedy, the birthday girl doesn't seem all that interested in any of it.

Kim Richards Riding

Russell even snaps at Dana over the start of the musical act and how it might overshadow the entrance of his gift. The horse for the five-year-old was just ridiculous and sad. Minus 10. Given what we currently know about the family's finances, it wouldn't surprise me if it's long since been repossessed. 

Ace Young, former American Idol contestant wrote and sang a song for Kennedy. I've got to agree with Brandi on this one. It was just bad. Really bad. Minus 12. I wonder how much American Idol losers cost for parties?

Knowing that Russell is broke, I can only imagine the stress that throwing this exorbitant affair must have caused. It makes the smiles on their faces even harder to stomach.

On a cheerier (and cheesier) note, tune in next week for Brandi's sex ed party. No. I'm not kidding.



Kennedy is such a BRAT. Which is not the kids fault but the fault of her parents for allowing such behavior.


The child is never to blame. She lived in a horrible environment. Children know when mommy and daddy are having problems. Poor little girl. Maybe Kennedy wanted just a cake and a couple of friends for her birthday . People that call Kennedy a brat have issues. She's just a victim. Not a brat. She is a baby for gods sake.


Too all of the ladies of the show....congratulations on your success. And to the husbands as well. It annoys me to hear people critize how much you have and what you have and even more when they comment on how much you spend on something that you have purchased....if you worked for what you have then Blessings to you and you deserve it. As for those that critize people that have money I say, "go get a job and work your you know what off so that you can have what ever your want." What you do with your money is your business.


No talents bitches they are plastics


Kyle and Kim need to apologize to Brandi. they were so mean to her. Kim's behavior should be questioned. Kyle: You will feel terribly responsible if something terrible happens to her because theis is the other elephant in the room Kim definitely has a problem
Dana are you so insecure that you have to take Kim's side when she was obviously so rude to a guest in your home? If I were Brandi I would not speak to you either.
Camille: BRAVO
Lisa: You are the only sane one!
Taylor: Just shaking my head, given the recent news, just go eat a good meal.


Are you kidding me with that birthday party? What the heck is wrong with that kid anyway??? She acted like a little brat at her last birthday, not one smile, not one thank you. Her behavior at this party was even worse. She scowled the entire time??!!! Her parents should stop spending money they do not have on parties and spend it on therapy for that child!


You said it, Snoopy.


What amuses me about the very idea of Pandora's box-themed invitations is the irony of it.In Greek mythology, Pandora's box was said to hold all the evils of the world, and therefore was not something to be opened. I guess Kevin Lee's incredible greed and frivolty are among the evils unleashed upon the world when this particular Pandora's box was opened.And is he ever a spend-happy soul, as long as it's Lisa's money and his own personal gain that's involved.


I can easily believe that the ***Real, truly real*** Housewives of Beverly Hills do Not have the phobias,chaos, and backstabbing insecurity hangups that these women represent. I would Not be surprised to find out that the ***Real, truly real*** HWOBH would Not be caught watching these stooges. Even when I have tried my best to watch this show, I * could only stand small doses of this frienemy drama. Years from Now, it will be listed as a trivia for one of the worst franchised shows.... and that is my **real and truly real opinion!!


Nobody even mentioned the 3 other party dresses that appeared when Kennedy had a wardrobe malfunction. The party was ridiculously over the top and I think having Ace there was inappropriate. He's not bad looking but he was trying to be sexy and holding a drink while singing - that was just strange. Lisa has really got to get rid of that Kevin Lee. He is horrid. Those invitations alone cost $28,000. ($150. x 187 guests) which is about 5 times more than my wedding cost back in 1980. I'm really surprised Lisa is letting him manipulate her that way. I guess he gets commission from the printer.

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