The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Adrienne's Fashion Show!

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What would you expect to see at a fashion show thrown by a woman who is launching her new line of shoes? Oh ... perhaps ... SHOES!? Well, apparently that's a little too straightforward for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

THG breaks down all the drama and confusion in its +/- recap below!

Adrienne Maloof Hair

For all of Lisa's protests about not wanting to go overboard on Pandora's wedding she does absolutely nothing to stop her wedding planner from doing just that.

Minus 8 because I wish she'd stop whining about it and accept the fact that nothing is too outlandish for her baby girl, including $15,000 wedding invitations. 

Smoking designer cocktails are next on the list. When they say that the overpriced beverage is your personal, unique signature drink for your event, I always wonder how many people they've sold that same line to for the same exact drink.

Plus 10 for the sucker born every minute and those waiting to make a buck off of them.

Pandora requests that her mother's friends don't have a battle in the middle of her wedding. Good luck with that. Minus 5 for naivete when her fiance thinks the ladies wouldn't start a fight at their wedding.  Has he watched this show before?

Moving on from the start of a marriage to the end of one, we get a glimpse at Taylor and Russell's counseling sessions. Minus 15. This is just horribly uncomfortable to watch.

The doctor is talking about how it's important to be emotionally safe and that Russell needs to recognize when he's getting angry, mean, nasty and wants to hurt the person he's with. Yikes! I don't know about Taylor, but I think I'm scared.

Taylor Armstrong Lips

Minus 10 because Taylor just wants to sweep it all under the rug and move on. The doctor tells her that's immature and unrealistic. But Russell doesn't seem up for dealing with their issues. He's got to leave early to get to a meeting.

I can't imagine why therapy didn't work.

Later, on the way to Adrienne's party we see Taylor and Russell again in the back of a limo. He looks so awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera that I have to wonder if he only signed off on doing this show because he was desperate for the money. Again, these scenes go from being sad to horrifying when you know what comes next.

The next day Taylor bails out on a mani / pedi date she set up with Kyle and Brandi. Plus 10 because the two woman make the best of it. Brandi wants to invite the ladies over for some fun but she's worried her injured foot will limit their options.

Perhaps a porn star friend can come over and give them all pointers. Plus 5 because the look on Kyle's face is priceless.

Honestly, Brandi is on the wrong show. The Real Housewives of Atlanta or New Jersey would be all over this party idea but not so much in Beverly Hills. I'd give lots of extra points if we could see Lisa's face during this party demonstration.

Brandi Glanville on The Real Housewives

Then on to Adrienne's fashion show. The first thing she does is pull Lisa aside to tell her how hurt she is over Pandora having her bachelorette party at someplace other than the Maloof's hotel in Vegas. Lisa tries to explain that a family friend offered to throw the party at their hotel and she simply didn't want to impose on Adrienne.

Minus 7 to Adrienne for making such a big deal out of nothing.

On a side note, did Lisa and Ken really have to bring the dog to the fashion show. Minus 5. Leave the furry creature at home for once.

Plus 9 to Camille and Taylor for avoiding the upcoming fight at Adrienne's event, even though they looked like kids in junior high doing it.

The fashion show is lovely. The dresses are gorgeous. I wish I could afford any of them or have a place to wear them, but what about the shoes?

All we heard about was how excited Adrienne was about her new shoe line and when they walked down the runway we never even saw them under the long skirts. Minus 10. I know this was a charity event first and foremost but it did seem like a lot of build up for little payoff and I don't really care about shoes.


Don't miss next week when it looks like the turmoil continues in Beverly Hills as Taylor has a full on meltdown bigger than any we've seen.


I totally blame this bunch of self absorbed witches for the death of Russel Armstrong after watching last nights episode were Russel and Taylor were turned away from Kyle's party. That bitch Adrienna started the hole thing. Her head is so far up her own ass she only see's herself. I really do hope it is true that what goes around comes around. They all looked like they were judge and jury and had no compassion at all for Taylor or Russel. What Taylor said was true if Camille was so upset why did she come. Obviously she was'nt that upset. I do not know how these people can sleep at night. After last night episode it was all so clear what happened. This bunch of bitches should be taken off T.V. and their sissy husbands who do as they are told, it seems. I will not be watching the show anymore and I hope others follow. They are nobody, it is just because of this show they are known. I really do hope they get theirs............R.I.P. Russel Armstrong...... Kathleen.


My favorite Beverly Hills Housewife is Adrienne. Yes, she is very wealthy, yes, she is very beautiful, but in my opinion, she is the most REAL. She is humble and empathetic. I could be friends with her in a hearbeat. I love how she just wants everyone to be happy, and NO FIGHTING! She's the best!


Adrienne and Lisa seem to be the wealthiest women in the bunch; they both are forvever planning events to show off their stuff, La De Da! Camille got Botok and some fillers in her face she looks a little better. Kyle has a beautiful family she seems to try and fit in with all the fabulous, glamorous meanderings and looses her temper quite often at their antics. Taylor has an ardent fervant dsire to be rich and successful, she wants it but unfortunately her husband could not give her all she wanted and desired. Kim is going through her problems of abandonment, but she is real; Kim wants a loving relationship and family she is not down with playing to the camera, Love Kim. The two new housewives are very scatterbrained it is hard to see exactly what they are all about.


omg. I like Kyle but that dress was ridiculous. Poor Russell. He seemed so uncomfortable and the fact that we know what's coming up next...It was too much. I agree with the writer... it was priceless Kyle's face when Brandi suggested the porn star. She would fit right in with Atlanta house wives or even OC with Tamara. They could do shots together.


Kyle must go...that dress was hideous...and she is the reason for the cracks in the relationship. She is a mean girl. She talks about everyone behind their backs. She is an instigator and riles everyone up. She was the only one that did not stand for the standing ovation for Adrienne's fashion show...and sat there with a look of pure jealousy. She evil and carma is a bi---!


Adrienne seems to be trying hard for a story line Lisa was in the right & not because she is my fav Kyle is a wolf in sheep cloths as always I like Brandy but she seems more Jersey,Taylor is just a wannabe who is losing her mind trying to live a lie but love the show


Love Camille and Lisa. Really getting tired of Taylor's antics and sorry to say that if my husband passed away this year, I would not be hosting a New Year's Eve Party for Bravo. After the counseling session and the limo ride with the late Russell, it is hard to say what actually went on between the two of them. Adrienne's is feeling pressure from her family, due to the Palms failing business and is trying to bully Lisa, which is a waste of time. Lisa is her own person. Lisa won the Bravo Poll out of all the other housewives as the "Best Mom'" and I agree. Why Taylor is upset for Camille for being honest and saying what she was told by "Taylor" is beyond me. Camille deserves better. I am losing interest in this show and hopefully Bravo will find a new city with new housewives soon as I won't be watching much longer.


Silly women.
Ugly shoes that go for a jillion dollars for other silly women.
Girlfriend Adrienne...just put your $s directly into your charity de jour and you would have made the same money.
Lisa-you are annoying. Your English accent does not denote class.
I kind of like Camille and I "get" Taylor. Kyle-I applaude you for apoligizing for your role in the stupid "game night". But that green dress really has to go. Just saying.
Lisa-even thought you are as annoying as snot, I agree that you were not oblidged to consult Adrienne before you booked your daughter's party.
Last time I will watch this show.
Another hour of my life that I will neer get back.


What about -50 for Adrienne and her cadre of sycophants suggesting that Adrienne is a role model to others, because if SHE--a daughter in a family worth about a billion dollars-- can create a shoe line, then ANYONE can!

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