The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Kandi Burruss' Birthday Blues

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta had another party this week, this time for Kandi's 35th birthday. Unfortunately, a surprise guest upsets Momma and THG is here to take you through all the drama in our +/- recap!

First we get to recap last week's drama when Peter and Apollo nearly came to blows at Kim's baby shower. Kim's ticked and rightfully so. Next time she'll remember to "keep the ex-cons and a$$holes off the guest list."

But Phaedra steps up and earns a big Plus 10 showing up to Kim's with a gift basket and an apology. She may not have been able to stop the men at the time but at least she did the right thing coming forward and saying she was sorry.

Kandi Burruss Hair

Neither Cynthia or Peter bothered. Heck, they were five hours late and didn't even send a gift. Minus 15 because that's just beyond rude.

Speaking of Cynthia, try as she might to mend fences they just seem to burn. She calls her sister over to talk to Peter about the incident at her wedding a year ago. Who could have guessed this wouldn't go well? Minus 10.

You can't force people to make up and nothing got accomplished here except for dredging up bad memories that won't soon be forgotten.

Later, Cynthia and her sister argue about Peter's new bushiness venture. Unfortunately, Cynthia doesn't know her sister is right.

Bar One is in financial trouble before it's even begun and Peter's going to look to his wife to bail him out. Minus 9 because that's just going to widen the divide between Cynthia, Peter and her family.

Kim's getting prepared for the big event. No, not another party.

She talks to Phaedra about what it was like when she had her son. Phaedra says she had an epidural, morphine and was "crazy as a vampire in sunlight." Plus 5 for being honest but let's hope Kim has an easier time.

NeNe Leakes Body

Having had only girls, Kim's concerned about having a boy and takes some lessons on diapering a circumcised baby. She's nervous about what to do with a penis. Plus 7 to Kroy who already seems to be a pro with the diaper detail. 

Surprisingly Kim's not the only one wondering what to do with the penis in the room. Thanks to Phaedra, Kandi's 35th birthday went from an elegant rooftop affair to a strip show and masturbation tutorial. 

Before we go there, I have to ask if anyone else thought NeNe was going to fall out of that dress. I know the cleavage was plentiful at this party but something about NeNe's outfit had me worried about a wardrobe malfunction. Minus 6.

Kandi, Phaedra and some of the other guests enjoyed the stripper but NeNe and Kandi's mom ran out of the room. Minus 8 because this really wasn't the venue for such a spectacle and although it was ridiculous, NeNe and momma overreacted.

And poor Kandi was left feeling like a scolded five year old on her 35th birthday. Minus 10. Better luck with birthday number 36.



Dam all the stripper stuff. I cant stop thiking about kandi in that pink dress...amazing


See posting


phaedra is a riot...i like her. anyone in the room could have excused themselves (i would have) and gone to another room til lover boy put his package back in the wrapper (ewe).


WTH? Do you think Phaedra would have had that stripper there if HER mama was present? Yes, Kandi is grown, but respect your mama and not allow a man to sit there and suck his own penis in front of your mom and straight men and so called sophisticated women. Let us not forget Phaedra is a "Southern Lady" NOT. My grandmother and mother were southern ladies. If you want that kind of show, make it a girls night of it and be sure all are down for watching a man suck his own penis because after all, if he can do it better... WTH will he want with them/you??!! Think about that. Her mama didn't take it far enough in my opinion because I don't think Kandi would allow her daughter to witness that at any age. Regardless of how old we get, we still learn from our mama's and respect is always and forever present. Kandi may not be a child, BUT she is HER child to be talk to any way she like. WTH... I would have walked out too.


My question is this. Are all of Phaedra's clients strippers?? Last year she brought a stripper client of hers to Cynthia's bridal shower, and this year she brings, Ridickulous.....


You all tearing down Nene and Kandi's mom, did you all saw what really happened ? It is not about the stripping, the man sucked his own penis , THAT was reDICKulous.


Well in my opinion Phaedra had the right gift for Kandi and her heart was in the right place. So far as Kandi momma getting upset I don't think Phaedra thought it would be that big of a deal. Also my thing is her mother took it a little over board because to me Kandi grown 35 years old and this was her gift so let her enjoy what was given to her. Kandi had a nice get together I liked Phaedra's gift, I need his number to book him for my party next year.


I really enjoyed the RHOA but the way Kandi mom went off on her cause something she didn't know about was wrong. And when Phadera knew her mom was going to be there she should have reschedule for the unwrapping of that gift. Please tell me what was that stripper name. And if Phadera know him he got sued alot cause what he is working with


Its a time and place for a stripper a birthday where there are older people is not it. Phadera knew it was not the time and you see she didnt bring her husband to the party.


i thought i was going to vomit. being from the north, i just don't
get the garbage. if kandy is a singer, i am sure she is; stay w/in
the businss to get fame and money. u r the person your child will
emulate. break the chain of single moms, by showing class. phadera
if your mom was there, would that have happened? don't get the few
w/careers have to go to the trash side. u get the respect u earn.

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