Thank Goodness: Kim Kardashian Returns to Blogosphere

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Kim Kardashian may not actually appear in public again until New Year's Eve, at least according to one source, but you didn't think the reality star could actually remain out of the spotlight entirely, did you?

The large-breasted divorcee's intern posted a message on her blog a couple hours ago, thanking her "dolls" for their loyalty.

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"I just wanted to thank you guys for all your support these last two weeks," Kim wrote. "I took a break from blogging for a while, but I've missed you guys so much and I want to start sharing my updates with you all again. I’ve been reading all your comments on here and, as always, my loyal blog dolls have been nothing but supportive. You all know who you are, so thank you! I love you guys."

Yes, you all know who you are. We also hope you know where to find a good psychologist. There's still hope for you, misguided, blindly ignorant fans of Kim Kardashian. But it's fading faster than the ink on your icon's marriage certificate.


@shan bla bla blaaa!!


I just feel like saying don't let this world judge you cause only god can do that. You did what was best for you. Whether it was for money or not. To me how get your money is fine with me that's call being a hustler. You were born this way that's what you tell them lol. You dad and mom hustle for you and family so now your grown women you do it for your self. When did that become so wrong? No matter what people think you earn you money all checks are in your name. People want to take the show off the air more haters don't like the show CHANGE THE CHANNEL. Team kim


I have never wrote on a blog in my have to say my peace. They are a great loving family. I love the shows....I love the parents! All the girls an there family's. Leave these people alone. If you don't like them...then geez don't watch them!? Simple...If you do watch the show you'd see how much of a loving family they are! Get a life people...Kim and guys all know your awsome..these people they are saying mean stuff are just jealous..seriously! Whats the old saying misery loves them no mind your all fabulous! Love Kathy M.


Call me a "hater" if you want... but I was a totally inlove fan til I noticed she played with me as she's doing with you all right now! She doesn't give a sh** about fan, except that fans represent rating and rating represent money!


i am not for Kim or against Kim. I know that we all faults and things we go through. there is none perfect but one. she made some mistakes. there are celebrities that are worse that we buy CD's and videos of for our children. we need to examine our own lives before we condemn someone elses. she is a person that has feelings and has pain like we do. if we look into some of our closets, we probably wouldnt be able to take what comes out of it. let her live her life. if you dont want your children watching their program, dont let them but dont blame this girl for that. and no my children dont watch it. its a personal choice. i monitor all shows and music they take in. the industry was made by the ones that continue to buy and distribute their products. she cant be the fallguy. she is just doing what has been allowed by so many other artists. forgive and move on, thats what we should be teaching our children. do whats right.


This is for mom Kris & hubby Kris...seriously!!!you can't turn a ho into a housewife...also the only thing that these Kardashians are well known for on TV/E for all the world to see: Its a known fact: Mom has a BIG leaky bladder, Robby is just a BIG lazy bum, Kimmy is a BIG liar, Khloe is a BIG amazon, and Kourtney has a BIG poodiecat....i'm excludin the 2 younger girls, because they are both innocent and can't help bein in that family. Beside i notice mom seem to favor her oldest girls more, because they are her meal ticket...notice how she excludes Rob, and the 2 youngest...Mom Kris is a the QUEEN of PIMPS...pimpin her girls out for MONEY...its all good, because the quicker they rose to fame, the faster they all will FALL...empire and predictions always come true,and they can take that to the bank. Can we all say BAH-BYE


Lol at Kims pathetic fans cursing and foaming at the mouth trying to defend their queen whore loool! If you wern't so young and dumb you would take the time to realise why so many people are upset over Kims hoax of a wedding if Kims shows were taken off the air I seriously believe you would have a mental breakdown try getting a hobby and washing your mouth out with soap such vulgarity should not come out of the mouth of young women

Maryanne gaeta

For laney; I agree, and the reason she looks soooooo old is because of the life she's had.....when your a big pig and been around the block over and over and over, the looks fade...personally, i never thought she was anything to look at.....she has big ugly lips for starters, her mouth is always open....and that ass of hers is the most disgusting.....her ass makes j.lo's look small and petite.....


@Nadia...VERY WELL PUT!!! & @"The Truth", she never said nor acted her way n2 anything, b/c i can think of a few celebs that cant do their jobs, oh, but the world's richest man, TylerP., sure did cast her n his movie(lmaolmoalmao), & so fuckin' wut she made a sex tape, the whole damn Hollywood has shown sum part of their bodies, whether its n their movie, or their 'nude pics" get leaked. So wtf ever!! & the whole damn "reality tv" is ALL scripted, jus n case u didnt kno that(dumbass). & 4 every1 who's "trying" 2 boycott her, cut it the fuck out, its NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!!! Focus on how 2 make $$ n ur own life, & stop worrying about wut she does with her's...&that goes 4 @THG as well. & btw, @all u haters, this/any site CANT stop writing about her, i mean, how else will they make $$?!?! Dumbasses!!! Lollollollollol


When Spencer Pratt starts writing editorials about how transparent you are (as seen in today’s Huffington Post), then surely it is time to curl up your gold lame tent and occupy some other landscape. Kim Kardsahian proves that crafting your celebrity without having real talent is like building a house made of sand


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