Terrell Owens Pays Back Child Support; Arrest Warrant Recalled

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With four baby mamas and no job, Terrell Owens' money problems are not over. Far from it, in fact. But still, the ex-NFL star is no longer a wanted man.

T.O. anted up his back child support payment, and in turn, the California judge who issued an arrest warrant for him last week has called off the dogs.

Owens had filed for a reduction in payments, claiming he doesn't make the big bucks anymore. Then he no-showed at a hearing, leading to the warrant.

Terrell Owens, Bobby Brown

T.O. with Bobby Brown in a random pic. Explains a lot.

The lawyer for Monique Reynolds, the baby's mother, tells TMZ, "Terrell Owens has today paid his child support obligation to Monique Reynolds."

"Ms. Reynolds has requested that the Court dismiss her contempt motion and recall the associated warrant for Mr. Owens that was issued."

The arrest warrant will be recalled later today. As for reducing the former 49er / Eagle / Cowboy / Bill / Bengal's child support, that hearing is pending.

As for his mental state, that is also up in the air.

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OH PLEASE..you must be one of those welfare crack HO's selling your crack for crack? You act like those women didn't sign up to be a mother when they spread their legs.  All child support, regardless of wjat the bread earner makes, should be assigned to take care of HALF of the childs basic needs.  In most places half is  $300 per month so take that and don't let the door hit cha where the bulldog bitcha.   I make more than any of these sluts cause I went to college, grad school and work for a living to support my husband and 4 kids.  Keep bringing innocent human beings into this world for the SOLE purpose of extracting  money  from strange men because you are too lazy to work.  PATHETIC HOOKERS.


All I can say for any female if you getting anything in the form of child support, baby use it wisely....I'm that mother on the short-end of the stick, I am due child support but baby daddy refuse to pay up...running, hiding, and we gotta go through all these and cat and mouse games...so females if you getting any use it wisely and carefully...whatever the "man-ho" did atleast he came up with something...


its the same as not putting a MEASLY quarter in the parking meter , you get a ticket for $50 bucks! NO CONDOM BUT STILL WANNA PLAY! YOU GET CHILD SUPPORT OR AIDS !!!!! i am a male who pays $1800 a month! its rough but I put my self in this situation! I dont know what she is doing with the money but I know my son is well fed,educated, clothed and a roof over his head! As long as she maintains that I dont give a damn what she do with the money!I dont feel sorry for Terrel, MAN UP BRO!


You add all of them up- 4 Women and 1 FB Player and you have 5 Democrats- with Obamas new Health plan all Republicans can now support these little " Out of Wedlock"
Kids and Mamas in the Future! What a wonderful World this is! Can we find just one Black Ballplayer who ain't a Man HO & takes care of his Family?


What! Let me get this straight- A Black Male not willing to take care of his kids? Your kidding! Those 4 women have got to be White- Only a Young Stupid White Girl would expect anything different. Didn't OBAMMIE set an example for his people? Maybe Herman Cain could.... Well no- that wouldn't work either! F*ck it- Let's play the Race Card!


What happen, don't any of these baby mother work anywhere, what if the man dies, I guess the child will never eat again... how sad


Pardon me for not playing the violin for the NFLs former BIG MOUTH. Nice to see him grovel. He deserves everything he's NOT getting. Go ahead Terrel, whine, cry, beg. Nice to see him where he truly belongs.


@ Good Idea I totally agree with you. Not only that though, but come on 4 baby mothers?! Everyone know the NFL is not for long. I mean let's be serious here. He's no longer playing so he can't pay as much, I think he should've thought about that a long time ago


Do you actually believe that the kids receive all the child support?
It's a variation of prostitution where the mother gets pregnant with a rich athlete to get rich off of child support payments.
The children receive a small fraction of that support.


Any man or woman who can't support their children is no mother or father, they're just egg or sperm donors, and I feel sorry for their children. Praying for his kids, I think they're going to need it.

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