Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez: The Madison Square Garden Duet!

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No offense, Johnny Rzeznik. But we've forgotten about you already.

On Monday evening, Taylor Swift invited the Goo Goo Dolls frontman to join her on stage at Madison Square Garden for a version of "Iris." It was perfectly decent. But it can't compare to the fun duet Swift put on last night, also in New York City, with another special guest:

Selena Gomez! These pals belted out a rendition of the former's "Who Says," one that can scarcely be heard in the following video above the screams of those in attendance. Can you blame them? This is the first time Taylor and Selena have performed together. Enjoy the double team now:

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Grace if u hate Selena and Taylor so much why do u bother talking about them. And be on their site?


ya @grace..
You are such a irritating person...if you dont like selena and taylour..so there is no problem..because,people like you,never changes..!!


I personally hate both of those chicks and they are both ugly. You guys are so wrong. Yall shouldn't be proud of them. They don't got talent. Anyone got a problem with me?


When Taylor introduced Selena (not in this video) I thought the girls screamed SO loud that they might have to be seen by a throat doctor the next day. But is was amazing! Two genuine beautiful people. Breath-taking! Selenator/Swifty/KatyCat. And Bieber supporter.


selena is so great...there is no doubt about her talent...her voice is so great...
And taylor is awsome girl i ever seen...


They are bother very beautiful, and talented!


I love this double team. I have always loved Taylor and looks like Selena has her voice back. Sooo great!

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