Stacy Francis Reacts to Ousting, Labels Astro Behavior "Ungracious, Obnoxious"

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Stacy Francis got in a few parting shots after her elimination from The X Factor last night, and it was difficult to blame the contestant for any of them.

The aspiring singer was given the boot even after 14-year old Astro whined about being a member of the final two and sulked his way through a rendition of "Never Say Goodbye." Simon Cowell berated the young singer, but still voted for Stacy to leave.

Final Stacy Francis Performance
Astro and Steve Jones

"I feel like I had a disadvantage by not being in his category," Francis told reporters after the episode aired, predicting that someone from Simon's group would win and saying the judge "beat up everyone in the competition last night except his category."

As for Astro's initial refusal to even sing for the panel's votes? Stacy referred to this attitude as "obnoxious" and added:

"Astro's 14 and you can call him a teenager and give him an excuse, but bad behavior is bad behavior. He was ungracious in that moment... I'm very very honored and I'm grateful for coming this far. I wanted to go all the way and I didn't, so it's time for me to reevaluate my life and see what happens from here. I think it'll be okay."

Do you think the judges made the right decision? Did the right top 10 member go home?

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I agree with most that Astro's attitude was horrible and he should have been sent home. He needs to learn now that if his behavior is not corrected he will be sitting behind bars like many others that can't control their temper.


does anyonee think the host is rude and an ass? He's so trying to be like Ryan seacreast from American idol. I hate Nicole she needs to stfu


I feel Astro apologize and that should be it. Do I feel he could have handled it diffrently, of course. But, realize he's 15, arogant and a kid. Sometimes we as adults could give kids a break and this is one of those times. Astro will learn through the years or he will ruin is career. Stacey Frances should have been voted off and by her being 40+ her attitude was just as bad. Should Astro have been in the bottom 2? No. Should he win? No. Astro is atleast on of the top 4 or 5. Unfortunately people vote and they don't really know tallent. Leroy (might be misspelled and Stacey should be in the bottom 2.


The show is called the X-factor which Simon says is about a person who has the whole package: talent and likeability. Although I think Astro lacks talent, some people think he has some. But he is not likeable. As such, he does not possess the X-factor. Compare him to Rachel Crow. This girl is talented galore and is so extremely likeable. She has the x-factor.


I hope the public will not be fooled by all of the "Public Relations" people who will be hired by the show and LA Reid to do "damage control" and now portray Astro in a sympathetic light. He will shed a few tears, make a public apology, ask for pity because of his upbringing. We must not fall for this baloney. The kid is a punk who should not be rewarded for his disrespectful attitude.


Astro is an arrogant punk. With money, he will be an even greater punk. Imagine him talking to a barber, a waiter, etc. He will be entitled and demanding. This kid needs humbling, good parenting, and therapy. We cannot blame his poor attitude on age. I came from a broken home with a lot of pain and adversity. I never disrespected an elder. His attitude is inexcusable and should not be rewarded. We need better representation in the rap world. I hope he get's voted off so good people can emerge and have a chance to inspire and inpact lives postively.


Astro sings like a punk but he needs to act like a man


It is very disappointing to read comments posted by "mature" people who use the race card. You may get on the website and call Astro ghetto, black a@@, hood rat, etc...but what does that say about you as an individual?! It only shows how immature, ignorant, uneducated, and racist you people are. He is 15 years old berate him for being arrogant, rude, or disrespectful but bringing up his race is uncalled for. White kids are known for being just as disrespectful, rude, and unruly to their parents and authority figures. At the end of the day how many "ghetto black kids" have you read about shooting up schools or murdering their parents versus white kids?! Education is key. Because our kids act out that isn't a reflection of poor parenting or nature vs. nurture but its an act of rebellion. None of us are perfect as individuals and we all rebel in our own way it just isn't televised for the world to see and scrutinize.


YO u b funy. asro uses YO all time. cant sem to saay any othr word. YOYOYO. he shud sel yoyos hahahaha


I find it hysterical that Stacy is talking about someone else's behavior considering the daggers she shot at the judges when they critiqued her performance. Astro is a child and is understandably immature but Stacy is three times his age and her only grown up moment came when she was eliminated.

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