Kris Humphries to Seek Marriage Annulment

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Kris Humphries can finally relate to the rest of America: a new report states this reality star is hoping to pretend that his marriage to Kim Kardashian never existed.

According to People, rumors that Humphries is reluctant to sign divorce papers are actually true. An insider claims Kris is planning to file the necessary paper work that would annul the union, thereby clearing the record of his marriage to the giant-breasted professional celebrity.

The procedure of annulment is typically reserved for cases where the couple can reasonably claim the marriage ought to be retroactively invalidated. A common argument used in these instances? That alcohol played a major role in an impromptu wedding. (See Spears, Britney and Alexander, Jason).

Other legal grounds for an annulment include incest, forced consent, fraud... wait, might Kris Humphries be planning to make a court-documented case that this marriage should be voided because it was a scheme all along to defraud the public?!?

He would be a true American hero if so.

UPDATE: Yes, Kris has filed for an annulment and, yes, the petition is based on Kim "defrauding" him into a marriage that was meant solely for the purposes of her reality show, a fact he claims he was never made aware of. This is awesome!


i am kim team finally kris is ass hole the reason he married kim was to be a famouse


I am sooooooo glad hopefully he can do this and move on from these folks!!!!! Don't even know why or how he got looped into this big mess she loves nobody but herself!!!!

Avatar the truth is told..knew he wasn't in on it....


Big breasted? Was that necessary? Lol yes kim is verry materialistic and a hopeless romantic but kris is a dumb ass for thinkin he could turn KIM KARDASHIAN into a domestic house wife. He says he doesn't like all the cameras and lack of privacy... then don't marry kim kardashian. Sorry, im on team kim for this one.


YES! Thank god. Totally Team KH!


both kim and chris cant fool us...they all planned this...

John e

That whole family is completely nuts.Need i say more?


LIFE is very hard for this young couple; cause most of their life are GOOGLED:)))))))))


They should also return all the money they made out of the wedding. When that happens, I'll believe she's sincere about having made a mistake.


Did the giant-breasted harlot give back the 2 million dollar ring?
She says that she fell out of love, so she should give back the ring, unless the marriage was a farce to begin with...Then she says that she wants a big family...That should give her a bigger butt.

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