Kris Humphries to Seek Marriage Annulment

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Kris Humphries can finally relate to the rest of America: a new report states this reality star is hoping to pretend that his marriage to Kim Kardashian never existed.

According to People, rumors that Humphries is reluctant to sign divorce papers are actually true. An insider claims Kris is planning to file the necessary paper work that would annul the union, thereby clearing the record of his marriage to the giant-breasted professional celebrity.

The procedure of annulment is typically reserved for cases where the couple can reasonably claim the marriage ought to be retroactively invalidated. A common argument used in these instances? That alcohol played a major role in an impromptu wedding. (See Spears, Britney and Alexander, Jason).

Other legal grounds for an annulment include incest, forced consent, fraud... wait, might Kris Humphries be planning to make a court-documented case that this marriage should be voided because it was a scheme all along to defraud the public?!?

He would be a true American hero if so.

UPDATE: Yes, Kris has filed for an annulment and, yes, the petition is based on Kim "defrauding" him into a marriage that was meant solely for the purposes of her reality show, a fact he claims he was never made aware of. This is awesome!


i dnt like kris either and kim and her brothers and sisters are very close so i dnt think that their was any incest going on but however when kim loves she loves hard and i dnt think she married him for tv show purposes, and if she did marry him for her reality show why is she constantly crying over him?


That's awesome.


i really didnt care for Kris that much after he couldnt sleep 5 ft from a childs play pen....he acted like a big baby...


Kim is a bitch and everything about her is fake I stop watching the show just because of her Kris I want for u to get back at her she gonna be one loney box.


He should get an anullment. She is awful and never intended on keeping her commitment to him. I never plan on watching any more of that bunch again.


i'm so sick of the k's but why do i read EVERYTHING????? the k's really need to take a hard look at themselves...That sex tape of kim and ray j....had kris taken a could he look at kim as a "MOTHER" of his children...what a slut....and ray???he looks's sad when we think any of those people deserve a following of respectable human will be very lonely way past her days of beauty all the crap about her makes her VERY ugly...without an aliby i can't ever see her as a mother...well motherf_____....for sure


I would want to forget I was ever involved with the Kardouchians too


Kim has been curse and swear by God she will neverever know peace, she sold her soul to hell went she eploited those that spend the hard earn money, may she rot in hell.


Kris Humphries filled an annulment against Kim Kardashian, Document Here:


KRIS IS A DOOSH BAG!! Do any of you people even watch the shows? If it was all for JUST tv why would he portray such a freaking A hole, Kim and her whole family is cute and all you people are so jealous that is all there is to it!

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