Snooki Claims The Situation is Broke

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Snooki may not know that Europe is a continent, but she knows enough to save for a rainy day. She extolled the virtues of stockpiling earnings in a recent interview.

She also implied that one of her co-stars - The Situation - is flat broke.

"I save it," Snooki tells GQ of the bank she earns. "Jersey Shore is going to end soon. I'm not going to spend money like Mike [The Situation]. He's already broke!"

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In the past, Sitch has claimed that any extravagances he displays - cars, jewelry - are gifts or loans from various endorsement deals. But could it be that he's already flushed his millions down the drain even faster than his morals?

It's certainly possible, as the cast of Jersey Shore (which returns for Season 5 in February) are not the brightest bulbs around. But that being said, it's probably unwise to assume Snooki knows what the heck she's talking about.

Maybe Snooki's just trying to get revenge on him for the drama in Italy ...

Think Mike & Snooki hit it last season?


lol. you think these ppl are pathetic....who the fuck cares?? its entertainment, & if ya ask me they're the smart ones because im busting my ass working 3 jobs when all they have to do is get on tv.. sounds pretty decent to me


What a sad legacy to be remembered for, if I were a member of the cast, id be looking at property in some remote corner of the world, where people weren't aware of what an ass I had made of myself on television.


Is it seriously necessary to repeat yourself 50 times?! Jesus, attention seeking drama whores. Who watches this shit? You realize your probably dumber for wasting your time following this show.


at least she smart enough to realize that fame wont last forever


What's wrong with people? Why do we keep giving talentless sluts millions for doing absolutely nothing??


Snooki is disgusting!

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