Sister Wives Recap: Boston, Here They Come

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Sister Wives took the show on the road this week.

In the wake of a more serious episode that saw them discuss polygamist leader Warren Jeffs, TLC's big happy polygamist family drama went road-trippin' last night.

The occasion was a panel discussion that Kody Brown and his four wives, Meri, Christine, Janelle and Robyn, agreed to attend at the request of a lecturer they met.

Despite fears of facing a hostile audience, the fab five and the four oldest Brown children (Mariah, Logan, Aspyn and Madison) ventured out to the East Coast ...

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The family first went out to dinner with Danielle, the pastor who invited them out and arranged this, and some college students to prep them for the panel discussion.

Kody and the wives answered questions (at times personal ones) and a gay student, who worries that the Brown family wouldn't accept him, learns it's not the case.

"How can we say we don't accept your lifestyle, but please accept ours? We're not like that," says Christine, earning rave reviews from the student and her audience.

The four teenagers, who are out there to look at Boston-area colleges, went out for ice cream with the college students, who asked about the plural marriage lifestyle.

Specifically, will they continue it themselves when they become adults?

Mariah, Meri's only child, said, "I've decided I want to live like this."

Seriously. She even said she looks forward to having sister wives.

That's ... good for her?

Madison, however, has different ideas. She told the college students she doesn't want to be in a plural marriage and Aspyn says she doesn't think she will, either.

Logan says Kody told him to just do whatever makes him happy, and really, that's what it's all about. As long as they're not pressured and they have the choice.

Finally, at the event, Kody worried people will call him a misogynist. That's not exactly what happened, but he did face some tough questions just the same.

Asked about the possibility of "brother husbands," Kody was thrown for a loop and said he found the question "abrasive." "That's not a tenant of our faith," Meri says.

"Religions have rules and beliefs," added Janelle, but you have to admit, that's a fair question. Religion or not, what if the shoe were on the other foot, Kode-man?

All in all, people were inquisitive, but receptive and tolerant. 

"Boston was an extremely good experience," Meri says after the panel Q&A was over. "I like when people are just curious about it and that's all they are."

Well, what did you think of this week's episode of the TLC show? And what do you think of Kody Brown and his four beloved Sister Wives in general?


I, too, would be VERY interested in knowing Kody's source of income -- all the couponing in the world wouldn't pay the lease / utilities on those FOUR very nice homes in Las Vegas, the vacation trips or the very NICE vehicles they all drive ~! Just how MUCH do those 'reality shows' PAY ??


I just don't know how Kody has time to consistantly parent all those children. I have 2 and it's a full time job.


Heather, he IS going around with a wife and 3 girlfriends. And IMO, it's still wrong... because according to their faith, a woman NEEDS a man to get her into heaven, and a man NEEDS to have multiple wives, but they NEVER address the issue of what happens to the "extra" males. It is a disgrace how a polygamist community treats its "lost boys." Look it up.


How does he support them and his children by them? I've researched it online, but have never found a clear source of income for any of them other than the show.


I think all of these women have such low self-esteem, it's led them to believe they aren't worthy or can't get a man of their own. I feel sorry for them and for the kids. As for Kody, he's taking advantage of each and every one of them, including the children, and I think he well knows it.


i think that as long as your of age and all agree then its not wrong if he just went around with a wife and 3 girlfriends people wouldnt give them problems the word thats causing issues is wife and that is a shame these people have every right to live as they choose.after all if we lived in a society where plural spouses was normal for everyone would you want them telling you you had to have multiple spouses if you only wanted one i think it should be ok for them to live as they chose

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