Sister Wives Recap: About That Warren Jeffs Guy ...

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Sister Wives did a little preemptive damage control last night.

In the wake of the prosecution of infamous polygamist leader Warren Jeffs, TLC's big happy family drama decided to tackle the self-proclaimed "prophet" head on.

So what do Kody Brown and the girls think about the guy?

Sister Wives Wives

Kody's friends Andy and Nicole - who are monogamous right now, but were raised in and still believe in plural marriage - come to visit Nevada from Utah.

Andy wants to talk to Kody about dating a woman as a married man, as he has six kids and wonders about pursuing a younger woman with no children.

He also considers the Browns to effectively be in a divorce since the wives live in different houses, but that would just be weird otherwise. And awkward.

At home, Mykelti tells mom Christine how proud she is of her family.

It's true that for the Browns, they are surprisingly open about their lifestyle and that takes a lot of courage, no matter what you think of the way they live.

By not being afraid and trying to change the minds of people, they want to show that just because they practice plural marriage, they're not evil people.

Speaking of which ...

Cue the Warren Jeffs conversation. This guy takes polygamy to a new level, doling out wives like they're property and at ridiculously inappropriate ages.

Kody Brown, fortunately, teaches his kids about how Jeffs and leaders like him, who should've been pillars of the community, were instead the opposite.

Abusing power and preying upon young women in their community, they demonize the people they claim to lead and behave reprehensibly. Pretty much.

Brown won't criticize the individual members from a compound like Jeffs' because it's all they have known and they need help. But Jeffs? No love for him.

The wives can't help but wonder whether Nicole is looking forward to having future sister wives. She is hesitant, since she has it pretty good right now.

What did you think of this week's episode of the reality show? And what do you think of Kody Brown and his four beloved Sister Wives in general?


I also wouldn't mind having the Browns as neighbors and friends (they should leave Las Vegas and come and live in New York!) And I'd love having Sister Wives if there was a way to do that without sharing a man. I'm too jealous to ever make it in that situation.


@starr I don't know how it works in other polygamous families, but in this situation, the sister wives aren't actually sisters. They come from different families. Not that it makes it right or that I condone it, but I just wanted to clear that up.


Starr, if you bothered to have an open mind and watch the show, you would see they aren't blood sisters. They are not related at all. The term sister wives refers to the commitment they have made to each other as well as Kody.


man this show is ridiculous and nasty. all of them should be ashamed of themselves. its wrong and abomination in god's eyes. how can you have so many sisters and marry the same man but worst of all have children. their mom's are also their aunts. their brothers and sisters are also their cousins and their father is also their uncle. this is a disgrace and should be taken off the air. no shame and they are all sick in the mind.


I think that as long as they consented to that lifestyle, they are of an age to make an informed decision (which these women obviously were) and they are happy, then they should be able to lead whatever life they want. It's not up to "us" to decide how others should live their lives if they are not harming another person. Besides, he's only Legally married to one woman. If his beliefs call for him to have several spiritual wives, then so be it. I'm not religious in the least, but last I checked there were several important Christian men in the Bible who had more than one wife. So that's okay, but this situation is not? That is a completely hypocritical standpoint. I'm of a mind that if consenting adults decide that they want to join spiritually and legally, then they should do so, regardless of gender or number of partners.


I am impressed by this family. Why not treat all the children as your brothers and sisters? It will only teach you how to get along in the world with others. I couldnt find a man who would take care of one wife and family and Kody takes care of four. I say accept all life styles and people!


I, too, feel rather sorry for any of Cody's "wives". They, as women, may feel less than but since they have raised all of their children in this communal family, leaving this large household could confuse and perhaps damage their offspring.
If I were one of those wives (FAT chance)I would worry about the impact on the children. Having been brought up with the notion that this is family and having had to endure the slings and arrows that follows this lifestyle, they could easily feel abandoned and alienated.
Those "wives" are so stuck. Leave and lose the connection with their half-brother and sisters...not to mention their goofy Dad-and start a new life or stay and always feel second (or 3rd or 4th)best.
A real Catch 22.


To each his own but, I do feel sorry for the kids. Seeing how the older kids are being affected by their parents choice of lifestyle breaks my heart. It's hard enough to teach kids to respect their own parents let alone forcing them to obey four other ladies as mom. Then they're forced to treat a mess of kids that aren't even related to them as their siblings. It was sad to here how unhappy these kids are, no wonder this lifestyle is illegal.


I like these people as well. I'd be their neighbor any day. First of all they are clear what their doing and why they're doing it. Second they live an honest life. I trust them.


I like the way they show the world that we have all different families out there.They seem happy so let them be ...great show!

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