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The Brown Family deserve to continue to be respected in the loss of Nicole. Hopefully when Kris J. make her rounds on the talk show circuits to promote her tell all, she will respect The Brown Family and leave out any conversations about Nicole that she just had to include in her Dollar $tore Memoir. PEACE!!


btw, this site really suks! I had to hit refresh at least 5 times, wth!


this woman is disgusting! I've looked at the reviews on Amazon...horrible! I saw her on tv talking about an affair she had when she was 32 and the guy was 22, her excuse was "I was very immature"...nice way to explain the reason she cheating on Rob K.


I'm glad Denise is speaking out.

If the world wants to know ANYTHING about the Kardashians & OJ Simpson, it's what happened to that suitcase Robert K. made disappear & how he helped OJ get away with murdering 2 innocent people.

Accessory after the crime..... great friends to Nicole.



Kris Jenner would sell her own children if it would make her some money.
oh, wait...

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