Should Howard Stern Judge America's Got Talent?

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Goodbye, Piers. Hello, Howard?

A day after Piers Morgan resigned his post as a judge on America's Got Talent, The Wall Street Journal reports that radio icon Howard Stern is under consideration for the gig.

Stern - who expressed interest awhile back in replacing Simon Cowell on American Idol - would reportedly sign a deal for $15 million per year, while continuing to host his Sirius XM show in New York, a fact that might necessitate NBC moving the AGT studio across the country.

Howard Stern Talk Show Appearance

The pros of Stern coming on board America's Got Talent? He's very popular and outspoken. He would certainly bring a fresh voice to to the show. Among the cons? Let's just say we may see an increase in lesbian acts on stage.

Do you think Howard Stern would be a good fit on America's Got Talent?


Howard Stern - Disgusting, Disgusting, DISGUSTING.


love howard stern!!! I think he would make a great judge.


Susan...well, if you are willing to drop the show purely because of your hatred for a new judge, than perhaps you weren't a true fan of the show in the first place! I, on the other hand, have never watched America's Got Talent before, but if Howard joins the team, I will certainly be programming my PVR!!


You got to be kidding!!! THE worst choice ever....cannot stand the person!!!!!! If he becomes a judge I am thru with watching that show!!!!!!!!!


Howard Stern ROCKS!!! I am willing to bet that most of the "Haters" out there have have never actually even taken the time to listen to Howard's show, thus, they have not really had the opportunity to get to know what he's really all about. They pass judgement based on reputation alone without any form of personal insight. He is witty, intelligent and entertaining, making Howard Stern the perfect candidate for the position! Baba Booey! Baba Booey!!!


Ewww; could they get anyone more gross? How about Tiny Tim? Blechhh! So much for THAT show!

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