Selena Gomez Granted Extended Restraining Order Against Stalker, LAPD Confirms Threat

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While Justin Bieber fights off questions about Mariah Yeater, his unlikely 30-second-stand/baby mama, the singer's actual girlfriend was in court this week, dealing with a far more serious problem.

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Gomez had her restraining order extended today against Thomas Brodnicki, the nut job in custody on federal stalking charges for making repeated threats against the singer.

As part of this morning's hearing, Detective Jose Viramontes swore in a declaration that he interviewed Brodnicki, and the man "reiterated that he had many conversations with God about killing Ms. Gomez." In conclusion, Viramontes stated before a judge that the stalker poses a "credible, serious threat" to Gomez.

Brodnicki pled not guilty to felony criminal stalking yesterday. We'll keep fans apprised of this scary story as more news breaks. Stay safe, Selena.



Something always goin on with selena, people r always threating her i feel soo badd 4 her like no lie people r goinq 2 hurt her really bad 1 day be it amazes me how haters could take things way to far these days careful selena


Don't trip, I'll be in Hollywood soon. I hear my mother Elizabeth Jean (AKA Sam from bewitched) has been fucking up with Disney especially... ease back Jill


That's great that she got the restraining order extended, but what about the guy? He sounds like he is mentally ill...he needs to get help or else he might end up killing some innocent person because "God told him to". If he isn't getting medical attention, he needs to soon. As for Selena, I
Hope she remains safe.

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