Rush Limbaugh Defends NASCAR Fans' Booing of Michelle Obama, Calls First Lady "Uppity"

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Rush Limbaugh does not like Barack and Michelle Obama, particularly their desire to lower carbon emissions and the First Lady's crusade against obesity (that hits too close to home, clearly, for the radio pundit). Which is fine, he's entitled to an opinion.

Sometimes his points are clouded by obvious hatred and racism, however.

After Sunday's NASCAR race at which Michelle Obama and Jill Biden were booed, Limbaugh defended the fans who did so, while calling the First Lady "uppity" ...

Rush's argument was, by and large, legitimate and directed at media figures outraged and confused by the booing: It's not a crowd predisposed to like Obama anyway, he's at 44% approval, and people go to sporting events to escape politics.

Fair enough. But then he went overboard bashing the First Lady, who he terms "Moo-Chelle" and tears a new one for (gasp) using a private jet:

"I'll tell you something else," he said. "We don't like paying millions for Obama's vacations. A NASCAR crowd doesn't quite understand why, when the husband and the wife are going the same place, the first lady has to take her own Boeing 757 with family and kids and hangers-on four hours earlier than her husband, who will be on his 747."

"NASCAR people understand that's a little bit of a waste. They understand it is a little bit of uppity-ism. First ladies have not been known to hop their own 757s four hours ahead of their husband when they're going the same place."

The L.A. Times defines "uppity" as self-important or arrogant, historically to describe "blacks whom white people perceived as trying to rise above their station in life."

Just saying. Not the greatest word choice.

Is Rush Limbaugh racist?

Booing Michelle Obama:


The raeson Rush is number one the radio is he tells it like it is. You would never of heard any of those failures on Air America tell the truth like Rush does, That's why Air America failed. The HuffPost could take some lessons from ol Rush.


The Question should be- Is Obama Racist! Wanting to Tax Buisnesses more which by the way are mostly WHITE owned - It's Racist!
Al Sharpton who promotes Racism with each breath he takes. Jessie Jackson who accuse NBA owner of Slave Treatment and never speaks for Whites! Bryant Gumble who does the same and has been Racist since his days on the Today Show! Then we can talk about Rush!


Desperate + Stupidity = Dissapointment. Whoever sent her to NASCAR should be fired. Thats like sending me to Compton to sell Kool-Aid! It shows you how out of Touch Obama is! You want real News- YouTube Wisonsin State Fair and the Knoxville 2007 Murder. You wont see it on NBC- not a chance.


Regarding "uppity" it has historically been applied in the U.S. to groups of people that the speaker wishes would just shut up and go away... AS in "Uppity Negroes" "Uppity Women" etc and it's use as an epithet is a good sign that you are on the right track in pissing off the speaker.... "UPPITY'S UNITE"!!!!

Wv peach

@Dani: I think you're missing the point Limbaugh was trying to make. I agree on not nitpicking, but this radio host makes his living doing that very thing. The fact that he would use that terminology for Mrs. Obama was meant maliciously; the double entendre was not missed.


Shame on you may God have mercy on your disrespectful souls. If you do not see anything wrong with this childish disrespectful actions you definitely have personal problems. But in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost we forgive you and definitely will pray for your ignorance.


Rush Limbaugh is a mental case and doesnt need all this attention we give him.
I think the health care system in america needs ammendment to include such cases.
May worms grow from his fat and flow out his mouth to death

Wv peach

"has".... not gas!!

Wv peach

@Dani: you won't find the word "uppity" officially designated as a slight towards Blacks in any dictionary. The word is not as innocuous as it may appear, and it gas nothing to do with liberalism per Limbaugh's usage. Uppity was once considered a death threat for Blacks who dared not show proper deference to Whites prior to the Civil Rights era. Any Black man who was deemed uppity could be lynched and/or hanged. Research Emmitt Till for further info . Limbaugh's rants are inflammatory and disrespectful. To say Mrs. Obama is uppity reeks of subliminal racist taunts. The notion of a post-racial society is a joke; when you have a bastard like Limbaugh disparage The First Lady with a loaded word like this, it further proves that race relations in this country have a long way to go.


For once i agree with the man. Mrs obama is an uppity stuck up b_itch. Don't like her at all or her ways about going with things especially when they apply to everyone but herself. Boooo

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