Robbie Powell: I Am Mariah Yeater's Baby Daddy!

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Robbie Powell is as sick of this Justin Bieber baby drama as we are, and the ex-boyfriend of Mariah Yeater plans on putting an end to it.

Powell - the young man who Yeater allegedly identified as the father of her son in a series of text messages a few weeks ago - reportedly wants to take a DNA test of his own, sources confirm to TMZ. He's sick of Yeater using their son as a money-grabbing prop.

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Dear Mariah Yeater: Go far, far away.

Bieber, of course, has already taken a DNA test of his own... but Yeater's lawyer is insisting on yet another one because he claims the initial procedure was not properly supervised.

Perhaps if Powell - who claims Yeater admitted to him she conjured up the Bieber because she's desperate for money - goes through with his test, this story can finally be refuted and we can all move on. There is a very young boy at the center of it, after all. Let's not forget that.

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I'm not even a fan of Bieber and, I'm telling you, this whole Mariah Yeater thing is stupid. I mean, first off, Why now? Secondly, why drag this out for so long and avoid so many little details? And third, WHY HER? I mean, Bieber was a big hit from the time he got signed, do you honestly think that amongst all the girls surrounding him, he would pick HER? No offence, but this is like me saying Harry Styles is my baby daddy. Not happening.


And yet we are all fueling her fire. She is only making money because people are still writting articles about her and interviewing her, giving her the attention she wants. We bitch about her making money, but yet we are really helping her to do so by showing interest in this topic, which makes magazines and websites write about it even more. I say no one should give a damn until it's cleared that it's really this other guys baby, write an article about it, then make sure she don't get another dime! Oh, and take her baby away because this absolutely shows she is psycho and unfit to be a mother..poor child.


White trash is exactly right, this will effect this poor little boys life, if i was her i wouldnt be scared of the legal fee's and humiliation id be scared of bumping into a a JB fan, shes gunna get her ass whooped


i've never believed that girl, she looks so desperate.
But using a 4 old month baby like that, she should pay for her act


You should be doing jail time for this, your sick in the head!


Are you sure thats a man???

Ruchika luchmun

Seriously, Lady... Get a life and stop annoying innocent people. I say that the Social Services should keep away the baby from such a woman who isn't afraid to use her own son for her own means. JUSTIN IS INNOCENT!!


What a piece of white trash shit! I can't stand these home wrecking hoes that destroy families with their lies and greed! I feel bad for her little son! He has to deal with this piece of psychotic shit every day! And I'm not even a Beiber fan.. But I feel bad for the shit he had to go through bc of this piece of shit!


thank god thank mother mary thank you jesus thank you everyone .
now shut the f up

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