Rihanna to Take Year-Long Hiatus From Music?

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A physically and mentally exhausted Rihanna recently solicited words of wisdom from none other than Beyonce, the wife of her frequent collaborator Jay-Z.

B's advice was simple: Rest.

According to the UK's Daily Mail, Rihanna had a near "meltdown" on the European leg of her 101-date tour and turned to Beyonce to help her stay strong.

Rihanna Bikini Pic in Concert

Beyonce, in turn, told the 23-year-old singer to consider taking a year off from show business altogether after the culmination of her massive tour to res.

Whether the headstrong star actually follows through on that is another story, but if RiRi's weekend tweet is any indication, Beyonce's words resonated.

"I'm so light-headed! WTF!!!!!" Rihanna wrote on Twitter after a performance in Dublin, which was nearly canceled due to her fragile, over-worked state.

So could 2012 be a light one for Rihanna pictures and songs? Although it's hard to imagine such a thing, Beyonce is always right. Don't cross the queen.

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To all those bitches who hate Rihanna how about go hang yourself or drive off a cliff. Because its people like you who makes this world a worse place. So how about FUCK OFF riri haters!!!


@Adele look how much her voice has grown. If you think she can't sing then you should go on youtube and search Rihanna's Aol Performance Live


@Adele many of her fans and I being one of them has seen Rihanna evolve from bubble gum pop to hardcore and cocky


Notice how I kept this topic hyped and intresting ;)


@guest you are just taking the word out of my mouth, you are hilarious.
@ririqueen are you serious.you dont jugde an artist by there vocal or performance.well ,i guess you have to say that cos ur fave is a vocal less and talentless gimmick.
After 6years ,she show no sign of improvement.


And sorta her labels option


@Azula yeah I agree. We won't forget her. We'll be waiting for her next album. Again taking a break is her option


She's a great singer. @guest you are dismissed. I don't get you. For the last time I am not asking you to like her. By saying she needs take a break you are saying in a way "Hey bob since you've been working 6 years at the company every single day not missing one day. You should take a break from the company for a year" Again this is her job and this is her life.


She needs some rest,maybe a year or six months. Her fans wont forget her at all,many superstars take breaks and emerge stonger and better, jay z,beyonce,madonna,toni braxton,usher,lil wayne...i admit he caught his break in jail but same principle applies. Listen to queen b,rest rihrih:)


I make atleast 2/3 of the money she makes for the articles and stories I write. I live in a fuckin mansion! I didn't know having no talent could keep your name a powerhouse. Hmm. You guys should really watch her Aol performance on youtube