Rihanna to Take Year-Long Hiatus From Music?

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A physically and mentally exhausted Rihanna recently solicited words of wisdom from none other than Beyonce, the wife of her frequent collaborator Jay-Z.

B's advice was simple: Rest.

According to the UK's Daily Mail, Rihanna had a near "meltdown" on the European leg of her 101-date tour and turned to Beyonce to help her stay strong.

Rihanna Bikini Pic in Concert

Beyonce, in turn, told the 23-year-old singer to consider taking a year off from show business altogether after the culmination of her massive tour to res.

Whether the headstrong star actually follows through on that is another story, but if RiRi's weekend tweet is any indication, Beyonce's words resonated.

"I'm so light-headed! WTF!!!!!" Rihanna wrote on Twitter after a performance in Dublin, which was nearly canceled due to her fragile, over-worked state.

So could 2012 be a light one for Rihanna pictures and songs? Although it's hard to imagine such a thing, Beyonce is always right. Don't cross the queen.

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WOW. Just Wow. Could Beyonce make it any more clear that she feels threatened by Rihanna and her quick rise to fame? Beyonce's been around much longer, yet Rihanna is gaining on her. She's clearly intimidated and jealous... I'm sure they're friends or whatever, but there are tons of stars working just as hard as Rihanna yet Beyonce's not telling them to take a break. I'm not saying there was no truth to her advice, sure Rihanna could use a break, but it wasn't 100% genuine. Beyonce knows shes going to be taking time off to have her baby, and so now she feels especially threatened. Of course she'd like Rihanna to take a break, too. Hopefully Rihanna can see right through this.


I wish Rihanna had taken a break before putting TTT out there. She would have made a much bigger smash out the gates with a little time for people to miss her. The album is amazing, but I feel it's getting lost in the overlapping of LOUD.


I meant to write the word process below, not "proces," whatever on earth that is! Nice little key-stick there. No more eating at the keyboard for me!Sorry, folks.


Jenn, ya you're right, but you have to remember that Rihanna is doing this on her own, while the Beatles had a group.


Jenn is 100 percent correct, Riley. Look it up. Here, you can use my Beatles Encyclopedia. It's right here.


Riley, The Beatles did way more than that woman in six years.


Nice mouth, Riley. Everyone is entitled to express an opinion without being exhorted to F off and to go jump off cliffs. You sound completely crazy in that particular post.


Riley, The Who did, that's who.


@ Maryanne Gaeta are you that blind??? The lady did 6 albums in 6 years. Who does that?? She practically never stopped working. Everyone deserves a break!!! So why shouldn't she????

Maryanne gaeta

I'm a little suprised that Rihana is taking a year off to rest...first of all she's really young, and i can't believe she's that burnt out already....What gives with her????? I can see if she was Madonna's age.....Don't get it......

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