Report: Kris Humphries Refuses to Sign Divorce Papers

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Will this nightmare never end?!?

Despite numerous sources claiming no reconciliation is on the horizon for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, Life & Style now reports that the latter "doesn't believe in divorce" and refuses to sign his divorce papers.

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Soon after the split was announced, Humphries did say he was "devastated" over the development, adding: "I'm committed to this marriage and everything this covenant represents. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make it work."

Pastor Joel Johnson, meanwhile, who married the couple, has even weighed in, adding: "I would love to connect with Kim and try to pull the reins back and redirect this energy in a more redemptive way."

Sorry, pastor, it's too late. The energy has also been directed to season two of Kourtney & Kim Take New York, which will use this entirely scripted marriage and break-up as an ongoing storyline.

Maryanne gaeta

Love Mariah Carey, and especially her comments on trashian kimmie...looks like the hate train has reached celebrities....Wow, now why does'nt that suprise me.....

Maryanne gaeta

Good for Kris H....I hope he never signs the divorce papers, and gives this bitch a run for her money.....and i hope he gets tons and tons of money off of her in any way he can....they say pay back is a bitch, so now lets see what happens....the shoe will be on the other foot.....STOP THIS TRASHIANS KRIS, AND GET WHAT'S RIGHFULLY YOURS....THEY MADE A LAUGHING STOCK OUT OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND ALL OF AMERICA......


I wonder how Life & Style, The Daily Mail, US, OK and all the other junkie magazines get away with saying this stuff...unless it's provided to them (complete with photos) by the Kardashians/Jenners???


Its ok not to sign,but I think that brings you down to their level,whether you do or not you will have a whole lot of ladies after you soon as you return to N.Y.You have become quite noticable.


@LEO I hope he takes the Kardashians down and a big part of Kim's money!


Don't sign Kris. Tell her if she does a sex tape with you too, (so that you can one day become famous), you will give her that divorce...before she gives you herpes. Which we all know she has...big secret is out. Riot.


shame kris,all kim evr thnks bou z hrslf n ey sae shz devestated..dtz bull


do not sign kris,be the man that u are.


@ ShameOnMe,
First Time Greetings to You!!
Thank you for acknowledging my opinion. I am still laughing at *the look alive Kris comment.
Kim K. may have started out thinking "I'm gonna get you sucka" but Now the rules have changed and Kris Humphries is letting everybody know that "He fooled around and fell in love." Because Kris H. is No longer dancing to Kim K.'s music, her golden apple cart is about to tumble over, and she and (Mama Pimp)Kris Jenner are Now in for a rude awakening and a reversal of fortune. Kris H. is proving that he is Not the goof that The Kardashians made him out to be. Stay tuned!!


Don't sign †?? papers Kris, *team make it work*, its ur #1 marriage. Don't make A???? joke out of it!

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