Rebecca Black "Person of Interest" Music Video: Watch Now!

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Brace yourselves. Rebecca Black is back!

Rebecca Black on America's Got Talent

The 14-year old - who many believe represents the Apocalypse in the music industry, following her release of "Friday" - has released a new video, this one in honor of the single "Person of Interest." No, the track is not based around Michael Emerson as a mysterious billionaire who fights crime with the use of a special machine.

How successful will the new song be? We'll soon find out, but Black has set the bar awfully high for herself: the video for "Friday" has been viewed over 200 million times on YouTube.

What do you think of Rebecca Black's latest?


I lovee you Rebecca

Kellie m

I think she is just adorable. People need to leave her alone and stop ragging on her. She is just a kid. I give her credit because she is reaching for her dreams and not letting all the haters stop her.


I have no problem with her. Shes fine.

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