Rachel Crow: The Next Beyonce?

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Are we looking at the next Beyonce Knowles?

Yes, it's early on The X Factor. And, yes, Simon Cowell is known for hyperbole. But it was hard to really argue with that judge last night after he compared 13-year old Rachel Crow to one of this generation's most iconic artists. Too much praise far too soon?

Perhaps. But hold off on your judgment until you view Crow belting out this version of "I'd Rather Go Blind," during the show's fun movie-themed night of auditions. Did we mention she's only 13?

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Rachel I love ETTA JAMES and when I heard you I said oh my God we have another Etta James.Baby just keep doing what you do best ,you have a great voice.You will make it big in the music world.Keep your personality ,because it' beautifuls like you.Love you and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILY.


she looks like etta sounds like etta must be little etta


Amazing is all i can say
and she so should win it all


Rachel Crow has the other females in this competion beat hands down. From the moment she sang Mercy, I knew this girl has a special talent. She's annointed, and people let me tell you, that comes straight from God. So, go out there and vote for this incredible singer each week, because she has what it takes to uplift the music world again. We need singers like Rachel back in music...Because I haven't heard a voice like that in many years. It's all about hip-hop, rap and booty bumping these days, and I'm tired of it. This performance brought tears to my eyes, because the music, the voice and the performer reminded me of yesteryear when I grew up listening to awesome music. Excellent performance Miss Rachel. God bless you, the parents who nurtured you...And may he bless me and others with more of your wonderful voice.


I think Rachal Crow is the best of all the singers in the show. I give her the 5 million! She has the best personality. To me her voice, style of singing, and bravado makes me feel good and happy. My second favorite is Melanie then Josh, but the winner is RACHAL CROW!


Rachel, you are such a great singer. You bring the biggest smile to my face when you sing. I am praying for you!!!!!


Rachel Crow, you brought tears to my eyes and for the loving family that took her in, you are in for a treat. Please understand that God has angels every where and Rachel Crow's mom is an angel that God sent straight from heaven to help Rachel and I promise you Mom you are already being rewarded. God Bless and I will keep Rachel Crow in my prayers.


I think Simon was right on the money with Rachel all but 1 thing..."Little Beyonce" NO! How about Little Etta James Simon. She looks like a mini Etta, she sounds like a young Etta, and to me even though I do like some of Beyonce music, Rachel blows her away in my book. This sweet baby girl will have a future in music and as hard as life started out for her GOD will watch over her protectively as he did from the first moments of her life. Just proves God don't make no trash...when those who should have loved you enough to protect you didn't. I see her winning and if not that's OK because she will be the next BIG superstar!


god bless the soulfull people, no matter what age, who awenken us to make us truly feel alive. Love you Rachel.

Maryanne gaeta

When i heard Rachel Crow sing last night, there were times she sounded just like Beyonce.....It was eerie.....Love this girl sooo much, and the talent is way beyond her years...to me she is already a superstar, and i think she definitely can give that stupid rich kid Willow Smith a run for her money....Smith has no talent, just rich parents who got her where she is today....Rachel Crow might only be 13 years old, but this is SUPERSTARDOM BELIEVE IT.............

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