Rachel Crow Gives Thanks, Makes Judges Into Believers

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Do you believe in Rachel Crow?

This young X Factor finalist did all she could last night to earn votes and praise from the judges, covering a Yolanda Adams single with the same pluck and fire she brings each week to the competition. At least we think that's what happened. It was a bit difficult to actually see Rachel on stage, what with all the backup dancers and confetti flying around. This may have been an overly staged performance.

But Paula Abdul referred to Crow as an "angel," while Nicole Scherzinger labeled her a "bright light." Watch the audition and judge for yourself now:

How does Crow compare to Melanie Amaro? Watch the latter's latest performance HERE and decide who has the better shot at winning.


I think she is amazing and her story is heart felt one that shows that children can over come situation such as hers. I hope and pray that she wins and she is an inspiration to all.


yes, I believe her, why not? +2 SHE IS THE BEST!! LOVE YOU RACHEL


yes, I believe her, why not?

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