POLL: Who Should Kim Kardashian Date Next?

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Kim Kardashian has landed in Los Angeles. The reality star, newly single, simply couldn't handle her promotional tour in Australia earlier in this week and canceled her final appearance Down Under.

She's now back on her home, paparazzi-filled turf, but she doesn't look happy about it, does she? We think we know why: the girl needs a new boyfriend!

Kim at LAX

Can you give her a dating hand, readers? We all have a pretty good idea what her type is, don't we?

So choose from this fine list of athletic fellas and help Kim get her totally-in-love-so-all-tabloids-can-write-about-me-in-a-better-light groove back on, people. She needs your assistance!


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I know i am totally the one


o im her type so get it right hook us up


i wonder can i get with her sister she is my type of lady open up you never know who`s knocking the one for you is truely the deal fm loves a risky hand put us together she will love me i love her alot an when i see her its like seeing my better half an inside tickl wow i see the another side of her lol in time i hope we cross paths because she is a queen my queen ctrl


she shoud date me i bet she would be done searching for mr right she needs a real love an more i got all that she could ask for


she shoud date me i bet she would be done searching for mr right


Kim is jst a human, lik anybody else, she cn be perfect, and peopl should stop hatin on her, maybe leavin kris makes her happy, so u may judge her bt she cnt totaly live th way u want her to liv bt her own way. Go kim, u ar th shit...no mattr wht!


Yeah?? Wouldnt turn my head to see the whore!


You guys insulting kim,that so not COOL agreed she wasn't right they could have waited before they got marrieds but insulting her that makes u guys Effin Silly its her life she can do what she wants to do wiv it


She should get back with Ray J and make more porn beacuse my absolute favourite part of Kims sex tape was when Ray J ploughed Kims ass with his d!ck Kim looked like she was in sooo much pain but she never told Ray J to stop cause shes a filthy whore Kim just layed there looking into the camera all helpless while Ray J ploughed her a$$ to shreads Kim was like oooh baby harder harder cum in my face the look on Kims face was priceless


Part of me likes Kim. Yeah I agree in the fact that the KARDASHIANS are EVERYWHERE and for what?, but I also kinda like Kim, and didn't care for Kris. I agree he was immature and cocky! She needs to get back with Reggie! Better yet, she should have STAYED with Reggie!!!