Piers Morgan Resigns as America's Got Talent Judge

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America might have talent. But it no longer has Piers Morgan as a reality show judge.

“I’m leaving America’s Got Talent after 6 wonderful years,” Morgan Tweeted last night, following an announcement on his CNN talk show.“Turned out that juggling’s harder than it looks, so I’m going to focus on CNN.”

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Morgan went on to thank “NBC, Fremantle, and of course, my friend Simon Cowell, for giving me such a great opportunity. It’s been a blast.”

No word yet on who might replace this panelist, but first chime in: Will you miss Piers Morgan on America's Got Talent?


Piers Morgan wouldn't know talent if it kicked him in the ass. The best part of the last 2 seasons was Howie Mandel and his tormenting of Morgan..good riddance.


Abc- is a fool and a ignorant individual! Always has been.


Piers Morgan! It is truly amazing to me How your USELESS BRITISH ASS is still on TV! You and the Rest of those California Based Liberals are a CANCER to this Country! Tonight YOU with Joel Osteen- Did you really think he was going to give you some DIRT to talk about? Osteen- is probably one of the few you have had on your show that has any Morals at all! You- with your SMUG ASS of yours Claiming- "I wouldn't mind paying Higher Taxes! Like you would have a CHOICE! Your Country is Damn sure not a Benchmark by any means! OBAMA has a year to go! This Country will not Function with him there any longer! You- are a Poison! Someone who dislikes America and what we stand far and I would imagine that you are another White Fool who Hates his Own Race! Stick to the Kardashians and the rest of those Pathetic Souls in Hollywood!


@Abc, for one thing, you need to learn how to spell...It's Ashton Kutcher...Not Kurcher!! Anyway, I never did like Piers that much anyway...Rumors are that Howard Stern may be his replacement on America's Got Talent...If that happens, I won't be watching AGT anymore...


Piers Morgan is an enormous tool. Wish he'd quit his CNN show too. Somehow he, like Ashton Kurcher, have ppl fooled into thinking they have some sort of talent or relevance. Good riddance.

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