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Lindsay Lohan will beg for mercy in court tomorrow with the hope that Judge Stephanie Sautner will go easy on her and not lock her up for violating probation.

The train wreck will arrive at her make-or-break hearing sans recommendation letter from the morgue where she's been performing community service, however.

Lohan actually asked for letter of recommendation to show the very skeptical judge what a good job she was doing cleaning soiled linens at the coroner's office.

The office told her to forget it, however.


Lindsay pleaded with a supervisor at the L.A. County Coroner's Office to write the letter on her behalf, but was shot down before it even got to the man in charge.

Not surprising after she showed up late the first day, then pulled that cupcake stunt on her second day - although she has been close to a model citizen since.

In any case, Lindsay will concede that she violated her probation tomorrow, and Judge Sautner will very possibly send her ass to jail. By not putting up a fight, Lohan is likely accepting this reality and just hoping it won't be for too long.

What do you think: Send her off to the slammer?


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Maksim Chmerkovskiy largely kept a very low profile this week.

On the heels of laying into the judges for their critiques on Dancing With the Stars a week ago, he was more or less reserved this week. Except in rehearsals.

Last night, viewers saw a clip from a group rehearsal in which Maks got aggressive with partner Hope Solo, at one point appearing to push her in the shoulder.

He was then shown exiting the room, leaving others uncomfortable. But Hope says she has no problem with Maks' teaching style - in fact, she encourages it.

"Obviously it's working," she said backstage. "We're here for the 7th week. We're getting OK scores. You wouldn't want to see me if he wasn't tough on me."

The judges praised Hope's improvement this week, so there's something to it. Check out their routine below and see the soccer star in action with Maks ...

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With Kim Kardashian having filed for divorce from Kris Humphries, numerous theories are flying around for why this marriage couldn't last longer than 73 days.

The most prominent being: D'uh! They were never really in love! They pocketed millions of dollars and made fools out of millions of fans. it's difficult to dispute this notion.

Other sources claim the couple's living arrangements were an issue, as Kris wanted to settle down in Minnesota, but Kim clamored for life in Los Angeles.

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Rob Kardashian danced up a storm on Dancing With the Stars last night.

It was a breath of fresh air for his family and all they're going through.

While sister Kim Kardashian was making a dash for the airport amidst her divorce filing, Rob made it clear that he and the whole family are behind her no matter what.

"My sister is obviously going through a lot and we're obviously very supportive of whatever decision she makes. We're here for her, to be on her side for whatever."

His Halloween-themed routine offered Kim plenty to smile about:

Rob praised his partner Cheryl Burke and the designers, saying the costumes, hair and makeup were so good that the show "deserves an Emmy" for the episode.

We'll see about that, but his oldest sister Kourtney Kardashian, her baby's father Scott Disick, and their cutie son Mason seemed to approve from the audience.

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Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed are going at it once again.

The Twilight Saga stars first faced off on the red carpet at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards. They then did so again a year later.

Now, the actresses are prepared for their rubber match, as each has spent the last few days promoting Breaking Dawn aboard. Greene is pictured below in Paris, Reed in Rome. Both look gorgeous, but only one can win. Compare. Contrast. Vote now.

Fashion Face-Off!

Ashley Greene or Nikki Reed? Compare Breaking Dawn star red carpet fashion now! View Poll »

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Dr. Conrad Murray's defense received yet another blow Monday when his most important witness was held in contempt of court and fined $1,000.

Charged with involuntary manslaughter in the June 2009 death of Michael Jackson, Murray sought the help of Dr. Paul White, an expert in anesthesia.

White repeatedly violated court orders to by testifying about his private conversations with Murray, however, and the judge came down on him hard.

Dr. Conrad Murray Photo

"Quite frankly, this constitutes direct contempt of court," Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael E. Pastor told White, the defense team's final witness.

White told the jury he believes that Jackson took extra doses of two drugs, including the powerful anesthetic Propofol, while Murray's back was turned.

White suggested on Monday that while he thinks Michael Jackson killed himself, it wasn't a suicide attempt and MJ didn't know the "potential danger."

Monday marked the second time Pastor held White in contempt – the first was October 21, when White called a member of the prosecution a vulgarity.

Yesterday's sanction was ordered after an intense exchange between White and D.A. David Walgren, who grilled him about Murray's medical decisions.

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Charice Pempengco, a pop star best known to TV fans for her recurring role on Glee last season, has pulled out of concerts in Singapore this week due a a family tragedy: her estranged father was killed in the Philippines.

Charice in Concert

Local police say Ricky Pempengco, 40, rubbed up against an inebriated individual inside a small grocery store in San Pedro on Monday. The man became angry and stabbed Pempengco in the chest and back with an ice pick.

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David Arquette was dressed like a magician vampire on Dancing With the Stars last night, and while his routine wasn't pure magic, it certainly didn't suck.

The judges were spellbound by his performance, giving him eights.

Head judge Len Goodman even said on Halloween: "There were lots of tricks and lots of treats. I tell you what, you've turned yourself into a dancer here."

"You needed a bit more rhythm, but overall well done to you."

Proving they're still a strong family despite filing for divorce, estranged wife Courteney Cox and daughter Coco were there to cheer David on as usual.

Camp choreographer Bruno Tonioli added: "You've got the prestige, you're a natural at turning tricks." That's what they said about Jasmine Waltz ...

Anyway, Arquette's team lost the team dance-off, so he's still near the bottom of the Dancing With the Stars scores this week. Think he'll be safe?

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Nancy Grace is great at blowing smoke about Amanda Knox or Casey Anthony.

She could not catch fire on Dancing With the Stars Monday night, however.

Despite wearing a red wig, red eyelashes and a flirty, fringed dress ... her jive just didn't ignite very well at all. “This wasn’t a good dance for you,” judge Len Goodman said, not mincing words as always. “It was a disappointment for me.”

She earned 21 points for it, giving her 44 out of 60 for the evening. That has her in last place. Think she'll be going home tonight? Watch her possibly final routine below:

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This just in: Justin Bieber is very popular. How popular, exactly?

The singer has become the first human being to ever garner two billion views on his YouTube channel. Yes, two billion.

Justin Bieber in Brazil

Lady Gaga was the first singer to surpass the one billion view plateau, and Bieber still has a ways to go to catch her 15 million Twitter followers. But his reign atop the music world is more powerful than ever. Consider:

Justin's YouTube channel has received 94 million visits in just the last month. It helps, of course, that he's been promoting his Christmas album (out today!!!) via a number of early releases. You can stay put and enjoy a few of them below...

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