Nancy Grace Flops on Dancing With the Stars

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Nancy Grace is great at blowing smoke about Amanda Knox or Casey Anthony.

She could not catch fire on Dancing With the Stars Monday night, however.

Despite wearing a red wig, red eyelashes and a flirty, fringed dress ... her jive just didn't ignite very well at all. “This wasn’t a good dance for you,” judge Len Goodman said, not mincing words as always. “It was a disappointment for me.”

She earned 21 points for it, giving her 44 out of 60 for the evening. That has her in last place. Think she'll be going home tonight? Watch her possibly final routine below:


Nancy is a poster child for what passes as a journalist/commentator today: opinionated, loud, aggressive, and bullying. It continues to amaze me how the public is drawn to this personality type.
Re her DWTS adventure -- embarrassing for her and the show!


Nancy should be voted off, and its not fair when she shows herself dancing on her show headline news...Shame on her. She has her husband and Others to babysit...


OMG... PLEASE someone vote this Cow off of DWTS!!!! Who has she paid to stay on this show this long...or who is she Blowing?
She has no rhythm and looks awful in the outfits they are putting her in. Thank Goodness her children are so young and arent embarrassed by her...YET!
The person who is dressing her for the show must hate her,for the costumes do nothing for her short,chubby figure.
She and Chaz were/are the only 2 contestants who have been n the sho and havent lost a pound.
She has the nerve to tell her dance instructor he doesnt have a full time job because she has babies and sits on her ass yelling at the TV? His Job is hauling her fat little ass around on the dance floor.
Every week she makes a complete ass f herself on this show and her show.
Maybe she should quit her TV job and stay at home raising her kids?!!!
Go Home Nancy...You kids need you.




No matter what you say I give this lady credit...she is not one of the best dancers but she has what you need in her heart...Keep on dancing Nancy


I didn't like the jive she did at all. It looked bad it just wasn't a good dance for her like len said. I totally agreed, but I haven't liked her since week one so I will be extra harsh on her and hope I haven't liked them at all. I'm rooting for ricki and derek and rob and cheryl

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