MTV Europe Music Awards Fashion Face-Off: Justin Bieber vs. Adam Lambert

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It's Justin Bieber vs. Adam Lambert in an epic battle of THG fan favorites.

Taking a break from battling a paternity lawsuit, the Bieb thrilled and won big in Northern Ireland last night, taking home a pair of MTV Europe Music Awards. But how did his style sense (clean cut, preppy) match up with the always glammed-up Adam?

Vote for the winner of this MTV Europe Music Awards Fashion Face-Off:

Fashion Face-Off!

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Adam looks hot as hell bieber needs a stylest does he buy his clothes from Costco


Yippeee !! Adam's winning !! there's no doubt that he looked better than BIEBER !!! grosssssss !!


Emma, Your such a heartless cow, I don't wanna know who you are, Being so mean like that, Adam bought that shirt from the shops, Just because he's gay, Doesn't mean you have to be harsh!


Look i'm probably older than u and u know nothing about me adam looked like hell he took that shirt from the trash he should burn it . And trust me dont mess with me i can be bad bitch :/


adam lambert !!!!


Haha, Look at that boii, Justin Bierber SUCKS AND ALWAYS WILL! HE NEED'S TO FUCK OFF AND GIVE ADAM A CHANCE. - Adam Is Better Looking - Adam Has Better Dress Sense - Adam Has A Better Voice And Does Not Sound Like A Baby boi! - Adam Has Better Hair Then That Filthy Boi - Adam Works Hard Enough To Earn His Money While Justin Sings With People + Copies Usher! Adam Has His Own Style! Adam Is Smexy, Adam Deserves A Vote




ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Enmma, Emma, Emma, there is nothing about little Bieber that shouts sexy, haha, but you must be young yet to think so, so dream on sweety! Now, Adam, DAMN, THAT BOY IS HOT!!!