Miley Cyrus Stands Up Occupy Wall Street in New Video

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Miley Cyrus turned 19 yesterday, and celebrated the occasion by taking on a very adult cause.

Two weeks after taking on critics who mocked her weight gain, the singer/actress has placed herself in the middle of Occupy Wall Street - the global protests in which the self-proclaimed 99%, who feel as if the rules favor the rich, have tried to make their voices known - by releasing a new video.

The following three-minute clip went viral last night, as Miley's "Liberty Walk" is played over shots from the movement, all preceded by the words: This is dedicated to the thousands of people who are standing up for what they believe in.

Miley is not the first celebrity to get involved in this cause. Jay Z got in trouble this month for releasing shirts that urged protestors to "Occupy All Streets."



.-. svicre:piu che altro, come con Liam, anche con Nicholas Miley si e messa-mollata due volte, e Nicholas l'ha fatta soffrire anche di piu.


Jack Nicholson, communism isn't the only option to capitalism. Wake up silly and start look outside your bubble. :)


@Robert Palmer lol


Hey palmer I miss you out on the green. I wonder when these occupy people our going to finally come out and admit they are a bunch of communist trying to take from the rich and enrich themselves like they did in cuba and so many other comunnist countries.


Apology for misspelling Miley's name as Riley.


The occupy protesters are so ignorant. The top 1% makes 19% of the income and pay over 40% of the revenue. If you raise taxes that would make the ecconomy worse. The occupy movement is just ignorant people getting together doing something very stupid.


Yoh @ sweet4mysweets and casey who ever the hell you are! I'm just trying to have some fun here. This comment page aint like fb here you can tell some1 sumtng and they won't even know who the hell you are. That's the fun part of this. And casey if you have a problem with me fuck you I aint worried about who the hell you are!!!


@riley: im sure you are good person whos just trying to defend your religion. Sorry if i came across a bit strong, but that is my belief. And i respect your belief also. But just cos im not religious does not mean im a bad person. I have a great respect and love for God. Like many others, i just choose to worship God in my heart and how i live my life.Simple things like the nature, a flower, animals and innocent children. This really makes me feel much closer to God than in a church, temple etc. (no offense though to u)lots of love- )))))peace.


I'm a cristian too,I grew a beard just to prove it.I support Hanoi Miley.


No offense to any body, but both of yall's comments kinda sound hypocritical so why can't we just end it here. Let each other believe in whatever they want, because comments on here won't change anyone's mind..


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