Michelle Obama, Jill Biden Booed by NASCAR Fans

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First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden, wife of the Vice President, served as grand marshals yesterday prior to a NASCAR race at Homestead-Miami Speedway. They were on hand to promote the military family-based project Joining Forces, starting the race along with a wounded veteran named Andrew Berry and his family.

And the famous wives were audibly booked upon being introduced to the crowd. Hear for yourself:

The sports governing body downplayed the response via a statement by Marcus Jadotte, NASCAR vice president of public affairs. It reads:

"The NASCAR community and the vast majority of those attending our race Sunday welcomed the first lady and Dr. Jill Biden and the military families in attendance. We are proud to support military families across the country and proud to support the Joining Forces initiative."

But, come on, we have ears. We can hear the negative reaction of many in attendance. Which leads us to ask: Booing the First Lady during a non-political appearance? Right or wrong?


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Boo the Black woman. You racist bastards. I hope Obama shuts down the military once and for all~now I see why he is proposing the cut backs. Racists!


Apparently and according to people that were actually there little Miss Obozo showed up and started demanding that people who had paid good and hard earned money be removed for security from places they had paid to be in. I would have booed her too even if it didn't cost me any money because, quite frankly, she turns my stomach


What on earth does the crowd have to boo about. As a Nascar fan I am disappointed. Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Bidden are dedicating their time for a good cause. I wish all Americans would focus on the many things we have for which to be grateful. I believe that we should teach our children that everyone deserves respect whether you agree with their opinion(s) or not. Let's put the focus on kindness.