Michaele Salahi and Neal Schon: Sued For $17 Million For Humilitating Tareq Salahi

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Michaele Salahi and Neal Schon didn't just run off and leave their partners, they humiliated them in the process ... and her estranged husband Tareq is suing over it.

Tareq Salahi is demanding his estranged wife and her rock star boyfriend cough up $17 MILLION DOLLARS for publicly humiliating him with their torrid, public affair.

Good luck with that. The legal basis, supposedly, is this:

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Tareq's attorney claims that the adulterous duo profited unfairly off Tareq's misery and sabotaged his career in the process. The first part is a stretch. The second ... LOL.

The taunting, the $10,000 lingerie shopping sprees, the onstage make-out sessions, the pic of Neal's junk Tareq says he was emailed ... all salt in Salahi's wounds.

According to Tareq, all the buzz surrounding Michaele Salahi's affair with Neal Schon boosted ticket sales of Journey's recent tour, which she ran off to join him on.

All the while torpedoing Tareq's reality TV dreams. It's so sad really.

Making matters worse, Tareq claims Michaele and Neal have put the wheels in motion for their own reality show, leaving Tareq in the dust ... with $2 million of debt.

Tareq wants $17 million to compensate him. Don't hold your breath, T.

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Thanks Phil, nice to make ctacnot with you! I had never seen the Schon model guitar you worked on, so your article was an interesting find. Keep in touch!Flyssy


Yeah-THAT's the reason Tareq should feel humiliated. It's not crashing the White House, running the family vineyard to the ground &causing its bankruptcy, creating a bogus charity, creating a bogus polo organisation, owing hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid bills, throwing a glass of wine on a RHODC castmate, and just being the Beltway's Biggest Joke in general. Nope, those other reasons are not humiliating at all.


They're all gross imo. She's as sad and pathetic as Tariq is. My guess is that Neal Schon prob isn't much better. No respect for their partners or themselves, no spine to stand up and say they want out. Now a new reality show? Gimme a break. They're a bunch of dirtbags.