Michael Lohan to Undergo Heart Surgery

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The good news for Michael Lohan? He managed to NOT get arrested last night.

The bad news? He was rushed to the hospital with heart problems and will undergo surgery today.

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Lohan reportedly complained of chest pains while residing in a Florida treatment and, following a blood pressure reading of 200/110, was immediately taken to the hospital.

Doctors found a blood clot in one of Lindsay's awful father's lungs and will insert a stent into his heart this afternoon. Lohan also had surgery in February to fix an artery blockage.

We wish Michael a full recovery, we suppose.

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I am sorry, I feel no sympathy for this man, he is a complete douche bag, of course he has heart problems he is a coc head. Plus he is an attention seeking loser, with no regard for his daughter. My 17 year old son acts more mature than this idiot. They should lock this menace to society up and throw away the key. He brings nothing to the table. If it wasn't for his once talented daughter, no one would have ever heard of this whack job. Her mother is no better. I find it surprising how Lindsey made it, as far as she did, with parents like that. I truly feel for her and hope she finds herself a good man, that can protect her and take her far away from them and Hollywood.


and regardless of this mans past, it is just plain heartless and rude to make comments such as the ones below. Makes me greatly embarrased to live in a country with such idiotic and cold hearted people. Not everyone gets a stent for the same reason. It is different for different situations. This is HEART SURGERY not some little surgery to fix a bone. Heart surgery is always serious, and yet you call him a whimp? Really, you sound like a complete moron calling someone this because of what you have gone through. Makes you sound extremely cocky, and no one likes someone whose cocky. Also, what makes him a whimp? Because websites are posting about this surgery? How does that make him one? This is news because these relentless journalists found out about it and wrote about it, not because he called someone and said "hey i'm being put under now tell everybody." Man..people these days.


Haha @ Tmac. Someone always has to be the racist pig huh? Maybe your the racist pig!


DIE ALREADY. SCUMBAG. I am sick of hearing about this no~talent loser. Get a job and shut up. Racist pig.


A stent? What a wimp. Why is this news. Stents are put in as part of a commonplace procedure. I have had 2 stents a bypass and 6 caths. Oh wait, he's a publicity hound. I


Hopefully they give him a new heart,lol.


He bought a playboy magazine and did not know his daughter was in it-resulting in heart attack.


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