Michael Jackson Family Cheers Conrad Murray Verdict

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Michael Jackson's family members were understandably thrilled by Monday's guilty verdict against Dr. Conrad Murray, feeling that justice was finally served.

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    Michael COULD have been helped if Dr. Murder hadn't KILLED him due to GROSS NEGLIGENCE. There are many many EX-addicts who have been helped to recover completely. Michael was helped off PRESCRIPTION drugs at one point in his life and if it had not been for these GREEDY SELFISH doctors, he could have been PERMANENTLY helped to stay clean and sober! These DIRTY DOCTORS are a DISGRACE and so are you people posting on here that are IGNORANT enough to blame poor MJ!


    I find it incredible that 2 years ago Michael was a child molestor, the press crucified him and now he is a hero. I personally never believed that crap, but there are alot of hippocrates out there in the press. I don't believe that this doc killed Michael either, alot of different circumstances led to his death. The doc was but a small part. Was this doc negligent, yes, but he did not kill him either intentionally or unintentionally.


    It aways gives me a feeling of deep loss, When we all loose an entertainer. It leaves me thinking of the loss of what would have been to come from whom we lost.
    In the case of Micheal Jacksons death. I from the first of hearing the details of his death, beleaved that Dr. Murry Could have used more common sence in doing what he knew was best. but he did'nt. and we all know what the outcome was from his poor judgement in dotoring Micheal. I beleave he knew of what he was doing was the incorrect thing to do. So I feel he should be convicted to the extent of the law. Because if not for Dr. Murry, Micheal would than still be here.


    The Doctor was wrong in getting the drug BUT come on people, Michael Jackson was the drug user, he did this to himself. He didn't need to start taking drugs, they weren't forced on him, he wanted them and would have found them elsewhere. Yes, the doctor was guilty of invol. manslaughter not murder.


    The judge nor jury was fair at all. Dr Murray may have not used better judgement, but did what his employer asked of him.


    I did not follow the case I did not believe they would find conrad murray of any wrong doing.micheal jackson was a known drug user.one of the jurors was a micheal jackson follower so I do not believe that person should been able to be a juror.personaly I do not have anything good to say about our justice system.


    a good world and thank GOD NOT THE ONE YOU ARE IN


    the Dr did wrong he was good to people that needed him not like the drug head we all knew Jackson to be we all need to pray for the judge he was not fair


    good doctor what world are you in


    good doctor

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