Melanie Amaro is "The World's Greatest"

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Melanie Amaro accomplished the impossible on The X Factor last night: she forced L.A. Reid to offer up words of encouragement.

This judge is so focused on being negative and on creating some kind of feud with the other mentors that he even admitted at one point this week that he goes into each performing looking for faults. But what am I supposed to say? he asked Melanie after she covered R. Kelly's "The World's Greatest." I cannot criticize it.

Amaro, meanwhile, broke down in tears following the audition, leading to Nicole Scherzinger also breaking down and giving the finalist a hug. It was a sweet, vulnerable moment from the number-one contender for The X Factor crown. Watch the performance now.

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Are you kidding? Melanie is amazing!!! She is the next up and coming star and has such sweetness and beauty about her inside and out. I think the rest of the world would disagree with your idiotic comment. Boring is not Melanie Amaro.
I do not care for Drew either. She is awful!


MELANIE AMARO, You are truly blessed. We got you back sista from here in New Zealand. All for his glory. God Bless you .


The girl is amazing and only 19. I'm so proud of her being able to come in after thinking she was out for 3 weeks and blowing everyone away. I will never understand what Simon was thinking.


Melanie Amaro, only 19 years old, untrained, an amateur, and just on raw talent and hard work is a world class singer and performer. To me ,that's unbelievable. She can truly sing and with heart and spirit typical of great gospel/church singers. I love the comparison to Adele in emotion and voluptuousness and to Alicia Keys in performing and beauty


Now that she told us a little bit about herself, Melanie's choice of "Listen" by Beyonce shows there was a good bit of lyrics in that song that she related to.


Clecle! So you dont like that kind of music ok, but she is not boring her voice is amazing, her pitch, tonal quality and her vibrato is perfect. Also learn to spell or at least proof read (creeps)


People please....Melanie American os a STAR im the rising...I am a Carnival Cruiselines ex musician an I know where this girl is leading to an what she is trying to achieve..I realize all the performers got some story in there life that there trying to make better for themselves an there Melanie is one of them...she's smart, Energetic, influential I a positive she's from the Virgins islands...give the young girl a brake PLEASE!!!!!


Melanie Amaro is boring boring boring and so is Drew , Drew is even worst , she gives me the crips . Those 2 girls has nothing to offer .