Mel Gibson on Laura Bellizzi Paternity Claim: WHO?!

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Mel Gibson is totally pulling Justin Bieber duty this week.

Fighting paternity claims of his own, Gibson has "no connection at all" to Laura Bellizzi, a random woman who claims he impregnated her over the summer, his rep said.

Alleged "friends" of hers say that they dated over the summer and frequently attended parties together. Whether or not that's true, Mel's denying he did this ...

Laura Bellizzi Picture
Mel Gibson and Some Sketchy Old Guy

Former reality star Laura Bellizzi says Mel Gibson knocked her up. That old guy creepin' in the pic? We have no idea who that is, but he does not look pleased.

A cast member on the short-lived VH1 show Secrets of Aspen, Laura Bellizzi supposedly told pals she was "super excited to be pregnant with Mel Gibson's baby!"

"She already has three daughters of her own and knows how to be a great mom," said a source last week, noting that "Laura is already five months pregnant."

She hasn't filed a paternity claim, it's worth noting, unlike Bieb's alleged paramour Mariah Yeater, who's also suing the pop singer (who denies ever meeting her).

Meanwhile, Mel does have a female interest ... though it's said to be strictly professional. He was seen out with Alphas star Azita Ghanizada talking business.

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people will do anything for money golddiggin bags i think mel is a nice guy he really good with children leave him alone live and let live!!!!!


you alos forgot that belizi has multiple kids with rich peoplealready and was named a professional golddigger in the orginal articles on Star and radar and several others. maybe she is just fat and what better story to hide it, specialy as an actress of D-movies, than to pretned being preggy by an A-lister and get money for it and her name around?


you forgot to mention that laura belizi has denied the claims and denied that those people were her firends. Laura and her lawyer have already said that the father was not Mel Gibson and that she never said that Mel Gibson was the father. which are facts who are known since the very day that story emerged in november 10, and who was writtent together with the story itself in the same article at Star and radar. Sorry but she cant be claiming that Mel Gibson is the father when she is claiming that he is not the father.. you love the hoax, or you love looking like fool and repeating embarasing flopped fake scoop???

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